Top 25 Masters rankings

AUGUSTA, Ga. -- I am the man. Who else does a top 25 list the week of the Masters? No one! Ya know why? Because it's like picking every horse in the Kentucky Derby and what the jockey and owner are going to eat for dinner afterward. That's why.

Because I just don't have enough people telling me I don't know what I'm talking about and why is ESPN paying me. (They don't actually. I pay them and you can too.)

First things first. I picked Rory McIlroy to beat Tiger last year after the PGA Championship and I'm sticking to my conviction, although I think it'll be a playoff and McIlroy will win on the 10th hole with a birdie.

Second, just because someone isn't on the top 25 list doesn't mean I think they lack the ability to get a top-25 finish. Remember that before you start chopping away at your keyboard writing, "How could you keep ______ off the list? He's done _______ ..."

Third and most important, if I get this whole list correct, I am resigning from ESPN and going to live on a beach in Bora Bora all while running my own legal gambling website. Gambling is legal in Bora Bora, isn't it?

Regardless ... Enjoy!!