Outtakes: Anthony Kim

Getty Images

KM: Your bio on the PGA Tour website is pretty thin. It just says you wear an Anthony Kim belt buckle. Are you selling those? Going up against Snuggies?
AK: I'm thinking about it. But I don't know who wrote any of the stuff in my bio. I left it blank, so one of my buddies must have filled it in.
KM: It sounds like Wikipedia. They let people put anything in there? Can we add that you invented the sun?
AK: It must be. And yes, definitely. That's what I'm going to put for next year.

KM: Do you ever see those fans who bring their clubs to PGA tournaments? I always thought that was odd. I don't wear a helmet when I go watch the Seahawks.
AK: It's weird, but they obviously don't have anyone watching out for what they're wearing or bringing to the course. It's best to let them be.

KM: You're a Nike man, right?
AK: Yeah, I have Nike everything.
KM: Does that mean if you go to a wedding, you have to wear a suit with a Nike emblem on it?
AK: We just signed a new deal, so I'll have to look through it and let you know. I actually just did a deal with a bank, too, which sounds crazy because of what's going on. But the Royal Bank of Canada is doing well, and I agreed to have them sponsor my bag for three years. Now I just need to play well.
KM: Are you sure they weren't asking you for a bailout?
AK: I'm not there yet financially, so I hope not.
KM: When you have a bank as a sponsor, do you just have to display gear with its name on it? Or do you go out and try to push home loans, as well?
AK: I also have to stand at the door of the banks and greet people as they come in.

AK: Your voice doesn't change much, huh? It's just kind of the same all the time.
KM: Certainly in print it is.

KM: When did you know you were good at golf?
AK: I knew I was good when I was 9 and beat my dad. It came a lot easier to me than to most people, and I knew I didn't really need to work that hard to succeed. In my off-season, I often won't touch a club. Not too many guys do that, but just because you're good at something doesn't mean you should do it all the time. It's funny -- I'll say that to kids, and their parents think I'm saying not to work hard. I'm just telling them to enjoy their lives.

KM: Do you ever feel strange about getting paid to play a game that's a hobby for most people?
AK: I never wanted to be someone on the Hooters Tour and hoping to get free wings when I play an event. I wanted to make money so I could buy my parents and friends whatever they wanted. Not a bad way to live for playing a hobby, right?
KM: Can you think of any other jobs that pay as well for such a cushy life?

AK: My personal assistant's. He gets paid to do nothing, and to have an attitude about the nothing that he has to do.