Players react to Johnson ruling

The controversial rules violation that cost Dustin Johnson a chance to compete in a three-hole playoff for the PGA Championship sparked a flurry of reaction from PGA Tour players on Twitter.

@Ianjamespoulter: Gutted for Dustin shocking rule, 900+ bunkers and probably only 100 rakes I don't get it, sorry Dustin you deserved to be in the playoff

@ PGA_JohnDaly: So, a sandbar off Lake Michigan considered a bunker too if that's what they're sayin--

@RickieFowlerPGA: No telling what I would have done...from the tv coverage I never once thought of him being in a bunker just thought it was a bare spot

@JasonGore59: Dustin Johnson. Way too handle an absolute BS ruling. Great playing. Your time is near.

@PGA_JohnDaly: So that means the sandy cart paths that I saw & other players hit off of are also considered bunkers?!

@RickieFowlerPGA: Proud of the way my boy DJ handled the ruling...I think a bunker that fans have been standing in all day should be considered a waste bunker

@CaseyWittenberg: Wow! The PGA of America just became the biggest joke in golf history! That could be the worst ruling I hv ever heard of in my entire life!

@JakeTrout (former tour player Peter Jacobsen): Whistling Straits is an fantastic course but MUST rethink the bunkers out of play. Or manage crowd better. It shouldn't cost anyone a major.

@Brian_Gay: 18 at Whistling Straits one of worst par 4s in golf... Along with 12 at Bethpage