Riley's in for Ryder -- baby or not

AKRON, Ohio -- Chris Riley says he will play in the Ryder
Cup -- he just doesn't know if he'll be a father by then.
Riley earned the 10th spot on the U.S. team with his tie for
fourth at the PGA Championship, although he has known all along
that the Ryder Cup dates might present problems.
His wife, Michelle, is expecting their first child on Sept. 17 --
the day the matches begin at Oakland Hills.
"We have an appointment tomorrow, and we're going to find out
what we can do to make this work," Riley said. "Fortunately, she
was an LPGA Tour player, so she knows how important this is and
what an honor it is to play in the Ryder Cup. There's absolutely
zero chance I'm going to miss the Ryder Cup. She wouldn't let me."
The key will be a doctor's appointment Thursday in Las Vegas,
where his wife will get an idea how far along the baby is and when
it would be practical to induce labor.
"Whatever is best for the baby," Riley said. "If they tell us
no, then we're not going to do it."
If Riley had decided not to play in the Ryder Cup, he would have
been replaced by Steve Flesch at No. 11 in the standings.