#AskESPNCaddie: Speaking out on the PGA Tour

#AskESPNCaddie -- Williams' book more than Tiger dirty laundry (2:25)

Tiger Woods' former caddie, Steve Williams, wrote a new book and while it does have some harsh comments about the 14-time major winner, it discusses so much more than that, according to ESPN.com's Michael Collins. (2:25)

Holy Backlash, Batman! This week seemed as if there might be caddie-on-caddie violence, all because of one little autobiography that the majority of people haven't read yet. No one acted surprised when Rory got food poisoning in China, and Boo Weekley said he's fed up with the wraparound season.

If you weren't on Twitter before, you might want to open an account just so you can ask me questions and air your feelings. Kudos to this week's winners.

Collins: If you had a chance to read my Caddie Confidential from this week, you'd see that even the guys playing with no cut for free money don't even want to be playing. What the tour decided is that guys are going to play in offseason anyway, so let's have them play in our events.

The problem with that? There's a big difference between playing because you want to for fun and playing because you feel like you have to for work.

Collins: The ball can be removed by anyone. Sometimes you'll see another player in the group get the ball out of the hole if it's a great hole-out. Once the ball is in the hole, the hole for that player is considered completed.

Collins: I follow so many golfers on Twitter they have their own list! Even so, I do have my favorites. Ian Poulter, because he really engages with his fans, other golfers and even his haters! Pat Perez, because he puts out some great slo-mo swings to music videos. Luke Donald, because he's a food and wine expert but still gives you insights into tour travel life for a family man. To be honest, though, caddies are more fun to follow because they don't have sponsors that they have to be PC.

Collins: Well, they do use the Stableford scoring system in Reno at the Barracuda Championship, but because it's a tournament that's played the same week as the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational, it gets lost in the 268 events on the PGA Tour now. I'm not a fan of that scoring system, but I deal with it once a year. I do miss the milkshakes from The International. Only the ones at the Memorial can match them.

Collins: There are so many things about caddying on tour that make me thankful. Two things stick out more than anything else. Being involved in the battle. When a player leans on you for a club or the read of a putt, that pressure and rush when trying to win or hoping to make the cut can't be reproduced by anything. This will sound really mushy, but I can only give you honesty: The friendships I've made because of caddying has brought me joy I don't deserve, but will forever be grateful.