Rocco Mediate hopes Tiger fixes swing

Rocco Mediate believes golf needs Tiger Woods to regain his championship form. And for that to happen, the 14-time major champion needs to fix his swing, Mediate told the San Francisco Chronicle.

"I love the way he plays, but I'm disgusted with what's going on with him because it's sad for our game," Mediate told the Chronicle. "A lot of guys are happy Tiger isn't playing well. I'm not."

Mediate believes Woods' new swing, retooled under the guidance of coach Sean Foley, is putting too much stress on the rest of his body, leading to injuries and inaccuracy, according to the report.

"The physical motion is wrong," Mediate told the Chronicle. "To get that stress off his body is a piece of cake -- the guys working with him just don't know. Sean knows some stuff, but what's going on with Tiger is not correct. That's why he keeps breaking and that's why the ball keeps going sideways."

This week, Woods, who has been recovering from leg and Achilles tendon injuries, announced he would play the Frys.com Open for the first time. Mediate, the event's defending champion, famously dueled Woods in a 19-hole playoff at the 2008 U.S. Open and is hoping he'll be paired with Woods during the first two rounds, according to the report.

"He's trying to get better, trying to figure out his swing problem," Mediate said of Woods' decision to enter the October tournament, according to the report. "When he gets his stuff together, he'll be No. 1 again and everything will be back to normal."