Ranking top 100 golfers: 21-29

ESPN.com is ranking each of the top 100 golfers in the game -- and counting them down on Twitter (@ESPN_Golf). As the rankings are announced daily, you can also check them out on ESPN.com.

What is #GolfRank?

#GolfRank is the Twitter hashtag to use if you want to get involved in the discussion or just follow along. We'll post some of the best comments on each player below their photos.

You can also follow along here: @ESPN_Golf

What #GolfRank isn't

This ranking of players isn't a rehash of the Official World Golf Ranking. It's not meant to try to replace the OWGR, even though many in the golf community feel there are shortcomings in that area. #GolfRank is simply a jumping-off point to spur some discussion about the top players in the game and to get you, the fans, to share your opinions, as well.

How did we rank the players?

We took the top 100 in the world rankings after the Dubai World Championship on Dec. 11, 2011, because a majority (but not all) of the best players from around the globe had finished their season by that point. From there, more than 20 experts on golf from all around ESPN rated those 100 players on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the highest ranking.

Each expert rated the golfers on their "recent" form. To the experts, "recent" can mean many things. The guideline used was that, for example, they could take into account Tiger Woods' victory at the Chevron World Challenge in early December but not his 14 major championships.

Here is the full list of voters from around ESPN, including ESPN.com, ESPN TV, ESPN Radio, ESPN The Magazine, ESPN Deportes, ESPN Stats & Information, ESPN UK, ESPN Fantasy, ESPN Games and ESPN Boston.

A few caveats

• World rankings listed are as of Dec. 11, 2011 (when our experts took the data to do their rankings.)

• If a golfer competed in five tournaments or more that were exclusively on one tour, and did that on two different tours (i.e. PGA Tour and European Tour), then both tours were listed as their main tour.

• For money earned, there is overlap between the PGA Tour and European Tour considering the major championships and WGC events are co-sanctioned by each tour.