Will '13 bring Tiger Woods a major?

The one question Tiger Woods will hear over and over again in the coming year is … will he ever be able to win a major again?

Woods has been stuck on 14 major titles since June 2008. So will 2013 be the year he gets back into hot pursuit of Jack Nicklaus' record of 18 major triumphs? Our experts tackle those topics and more in a special edition of Four-Ball.

1. Over/under: Tiger Woods will have five worldwide victories in 2013.

Michael Collins, ESPN.com senior golf analyst: Over. Tiger is going to win four times on U.S. soil and twice overseas. That would put the total at six.

Farrell Evans, ESPN.com senior golf writer: Under. Tiger will take four wins next year, including a major.

Bob Harig, ESPN.com senior golf writer: Under. I have him winning four times, which most forget used to be the standard for great seasons. Tiger himself shattered that mindset years ago with the amount that he won. But four wins would be a terrific year. >

Kevin Maguire, ESPN.com senior golf editor: Under. Tiger hasn't won at least five tournaments in a season since 2009, which was pre-scandal. Those five-win seasons just might be a thing of the past.

2. How many majors will Tiger Woods win in 2013?

Michael Collins: One. He'll win the U.S. Open at Merion. It will be ironic that a guy known for bombing tee shots wildly on the weekend will win playing a precision game from tee to green.

Farrell Evans: One. Tiger always raises his game at the majors. But it will be difficult to win more than one in 2013 because of the great depth in the fields.

Bob Harig: One. I like his chances at Muirfield, the place where he took Grand Slam hopes in 2002 before a third-round 81 -- still his highest as a pro -- in some of the most brutal weather imaginable.

Kevin Maguire: One. I'll pencil him in for a win at Merion in the U.S. Open. The combination of a shorter-than-usual major venue with the historic nature of a course such as Merion will give Woods all the motivation he needs to get back into the major win column.

3. Which will be the higher number, Tiger's missed cuts in 2013 or his major victories?

Michael Collins: Missed cuts. He'll miss two cuts this year and win one major. One of his MCs will be at a major and the other will be at a regular tour stop.

Farrell Evans: Missed cuts. Tiger will have more missed cuts than major wins because it's much more likely that he'll have two bad rounds and miss a cut than it is for him to have four great days at a major. His poor performances in 2012 on the weekends in the majors illustrate this point.

Bob Harig: The number will be the same, one. Woods has missed only nine cuts total in his career, but two came in 2012. The view here is that he'll miss one somewhere in 2013.

Kevin Maguire: Missed cuts. Two weekends off seems like a real possibility. Woods has had at least one MC each year since 2009, including a pair in 2012. With one major win prediction -- at the U.S. Open -- he'll come up one short.

4. Fact or fiction: At season's end, Woods will be the PGA Tour player of the year.

Michael Collins: Fiction. Rory McIlroy is going to do it again. But it will be close this time because Tiger will contend for the FedEx Cup.

Farrell Evans: Fact. If Tiger stays healthy, he will outplay Rory McIlroy to win his 11th player of the year award.

Bob Harig: Fiction. In a close call, he'll lose out to McIlroy, who has the same number of majors, same number of worldwide victories. If it really works out that way, we're in for an incredible year.

Kevin Maguire: Fiction. Tiger used to own the award, but hasn't taken home that hardware since his off-the-course scandal. It won't be impossible for him to win it, but the parity at the top of the game these days probably will prevent it from happening.