Man with one arm nets second hole-in-one

CLOVIS, N.M. -- A 74-year-old man who has only
one arm has made his second hole-in-one.

Art Baird, who lost his right arm in an industrial accident in
1952, aced the par-3, 135-yard No. 7 hole last Thursday at the Municipal Golf
Course course.

Baird has a standard reply for those who wonder how someone can
make a hole-in-one with only one arm.

In his words: "That's all I brought with me.''

Baird made his first hole-in-one in Apache Junction Arizona, in

After his accident, Baird began swinging a golf club to
strengthen his left wrist.

"Then one of my friends decided that as long as I could swing a
club, I might as well go to a driving range,'' Baird said.

He began playing golf in 1966. Over the years, he has learned to
bowl, play tennis and play pool with one arm. He also is an avid

"I never played (golf) with two arms, and I've never used my
prosthesis when I play golf. I've had to make compensations because
of the one arm, but there are so few things I can't do, I can't
even think of anything,'' he said.