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  Dealing with hot, humid weather

By Andy North

In a PGA Tour event, one missed shot can cost you the tournament. So in hot, muggy weather, you'll see players try to keep cool in a lot of ways.

A lot of players will actually wet a towel and put it on their neck to help keep cool. The biggest thing you'll notice in the next few weeks on the Tour is that the players after they hit shots will have a towel on hand in order to wipe their hands off, trying to remove all the perspiration. If you get sloppy and your hand slips one time on the grip, you can be out of the money.

Players will spend more time really preparing their grip. It's not like you can use pine tar like a baseball player would for his bat. It's a matter of the caddie working hard to keep the grips clean, and then you make sure you wipe your hands off when there's perspiration.

Other than drinking water or keeping my hands dry, I'll find some shade to stand in when someone else is hitting. You also have to pace yourself a little more.

Obviously, the most important thing is to make sure you drink enough liquids. That means water, not beer or anything else. You drink as much water as you can handle.

You'd think in humid weather you'd start losing weight, but I would always start gaining weight because I'd make such an effort to drink Gatorade and replenish my body. If you drink six or seven sport drinks during the day, that's a lot of calories because they have about 200 calories. But you have to do it.

If you get dehydrated you'll get dizzy and you don't think as well. You see it all the time in the gallery. People will require medical attention, and emergency people will be called to help them. It's very dangerous if you don't properly hydrate your body.

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