Cast your ballot: ESPNHS Fans' Choice

When it comes to most sports awards, we media types have all the power in voting. As a result, fans are relegated to message-board and watercooler debates about whom they would've picked for the honors. Well, that's no longer the case.

We've restored the power to the people as part of the ESPNHS Fans' Choice Player of the Year award. We recruited eight of the nation's most decorated high school boys' basketball players before the season and gave them an opportunity to showcase their personalities and skills to see which baller is the most popular among hoops fans across the nation.

The candidates have campaigned here -- ESPNHS.com/FansChoice -- and on Facebook and Twitter over the last three-plus months in hopes of landing your vote. Click the links to the right to view the current matchups or to take a look at what went down in previous rounds.

We told you back in November that your votes alone would decide the first ESPNHS Fans' Choice Player of the Year. Well, we're down to the final two candidates for the honor, so it's time for you to really make your vote count.

Wolfpack nation spoke up last round to help Rodney Purvis coast by Nerlens Noel, while Julius Randle got an assist from his fans in Big D to take down Shabazz Muhammad and join his good friend Rodney in the finals. You guys know just about everything about the final two, so there's nothing left to do but to get your VOTE on. But if you need to be swayed one final time. Click here to see the finalists' campaign messages.

Voting will end on March 25.

Debate the candidates below in the comments section or on Twitter using the hashtag #espnhsfans.

You've got the power. Now make your vote count.