All-Americans have the special sauce

CHICAGO -- Tony Parker certainly doesn't lack for confidence. Even for him, though, this latest proclamation is somewhat of a stretch.

"I could run the point, man," said Parker, a senior forward at Miller Grove (Lithonia, Ga.). "I'm telling you I'd be a great point guard. I think I should get a shot at the point."

Parker could get his chance Wednesday when he suits up for the East in the 2012 McDonald's All-American boys' game (9:30 p.m. ET on ESPN) at the United Center in Chicago.

"There's definitely more freedom in all-star games," said Tyler Lewis, a senior point guard at Oak Hill Academy (Mouth of Wilson, Va.), who will join Parker on the East squad. "It's all about having a good time and putting on a show."

We caught up with a handful of the All-Americans and had them dish on what McDonald's-inspired move they've got planned for the game.

Tony Parker
Miller Grove (Lithonia, Ga.), PF, Undecided
The Juke: The Big Mac with Extra Sauce
The Breakdown: "I'm planning to do a nice smooth turnaround jumper, which is something I can definitely swag. The difference is, because it's the McDonald's game, I'm gonna try it from [behind the 3-point line]. I don't think my coach is gonna love it so I'll do it early in the game because we'll be trying to win later. I'm a big man so that's where the 'big mac' comes from. Then it's a 3, so that's the 'extra sauce.' That's what I'm rolling with."

Rasheed Sulaimon
Strake Jesuit (Houston), SG, Duke
The Juke: The Sheed McFlurry
The Breakdown: "I'm gonna do a between-the-legs crossover right into a spin. I've been working on that move and it's nice. I gave it that name because it's definitely gonna put the defender's ankles in a cycle."

Shabazz Muhammad
Bishop Gorman (Las Vegas), SF, Undecided
The Juke: The Happy Meal
The Breakdown: "I'm planning to do a 360-dunk if I get the chance. I gave it that name because it's gonna satisfy the kids just like Happy Meals do."

Tyler Lewis
Oak Hill Academy (Mouth of Wilson, Va.), PG, NC State
The Juke: The McBow
The Breakdown: "I'm gonna do an elbow pass on the break. Basically I'm coming down in the middle and I'll have a player on my right and I'll take the ball behind my back from right to left like I'm flipping a behind-the-back pass, but I'll hit the ball back to my teammate with my left elbow. That's why it's The McBow."

T.J. Warren
Brewster Academy (Wolfeboro, N.H.), SF, NC State
The Juke: The McDouble Sensation
The Breakdown: "I've got a step-back hesitation move planned for the game. I named it the McDouble Sensation because it's a move that most defenders will bite on with the first step not knowing that I'm coming right back at them."

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