Bria Holmes

Bria Holmes


CLASS: 2012



  • Hamden, CTHometown
  • James E. Hillhouse High School
  • 6-1Height
  • Weight
  • 29Overall Rank
  • 6Position Rank

ESPN Player Evaluations

Deep South Classic-April 11: Evolving into the whole package on the perimeter. Has the athleticism to run the floor and match up with any level of quickness and her height makes her a challenge at both ends for opposing guards. Off the dribble she's explosive and her ballhandling skills helps her navigate and slice through traffic. Additionally, she has the strength to handle the defensive rotations from the bigs. The form is there on her shot and she's effective on the spot up or the pull up but still could improve her consistency. Twice demonstrated the ability to take over a game and did so making good decisions and still involving her teammates. Defense is still a work in progress but provided strong help from the weakside on several occasions. (Lewis)

Fila Nationals-July 10: The summer circuit has normally been the proving grounds for elite level players to emerge as All-America candidates. One such player looking to get some separation is Holmes. A 6-1 wing with great speed and length, she scores in transition and in the half court. She moves extremely well without the ball and her ability to rebound is solid. While she possesses a nice stroke, the consistency in her outside game must improve. Look for Holmes among the nation's elite wings in 2012. (Powell)

USJN DC-July 10: Often it's difficult for some young players to live up to the reputation or urban legend that seems to spring from the message boards and Internet. This 6-2 wing certainly isn't one of them. The Hamden, Conn. native provides glimpses of potential that should be exciting to watch over time. Playing on the wing with both size and a strong, athletic build, she gives the impression of more maturity and experience, but her play itself is still in a developing stage. The ballhandling is confident and aggressive while the passing is sharp, well thought and without hesitation. Her first step is explosive and forces a lot of the defensive rotations that lead to scoring opportunities for her and her teammates. Her stroke looks fine and has some range but there is a forward motion on the top that could limit consistency if not corrected. She's both physical and active defensively on the ball but does tend to stand up a bit and relax on the weakside. All the tools are in place. It should be fun to see what she does with them.

Deep South Classic-April 10: At 6-1 the Hillhouse (Conn.) sophomore seems comfortable playing anywhere on the floor. She is a gifted athlete with the ability to create chaos on either side of the ball. Holmes has an ultra-quick first step and her long powerful legs allow her to blow by multiple defenders once she puts the ball on the floor. She is at her best in transition where she showed a remarkable ability to snatch rebounds and push the ball herself in the open court straight to the basket. Holmes' game right now is about raw power, since she has the physical ability to dominate players at the high-school level, adding a consistent mid-range jump shot will only enhance her ability to dominate offensively. She is a special talent who is blossoming into a star in the 2012 class.


Club Team: CT Lady Blazers