Jephany Brown

Jephany Brown


CLASS: 2013



  • Washington, DCHometown
  • Howard D. Woodson High School
  • 5-11Height
  • Weight
  • Overall Rank
  • 15Position Rank

ESPN Player Evaluations

Peach State Elite '11: One of the more consistent players we've watched over the years in the 2012 class has been this aggressive 6-0 power forward. Few players are as aggressive and active as Brown is at both ends of the floor. She posts up physically and almost relishes a defender putting a body on her. On the catch she's quick to spin off and get to the rim with explosiveness that makes up for an inch or two that she might be giving up in height. Her agility is highlighted by some deceptively light feet that help her both on the break and in the halfcourt. There are moments in which she still provides the illusion that some time on the perimeter may lie in her future. There's no question she could defend on the wing and at the top of any type of press or zone. For now she's more than adept at moving players off the block and exploiting the quickness advantage she holds over most matchups. At both ends of the floor, she a factor on the glass and isn't hesitant to go through people to come up with the ball. A nice quality which is appreciated by coaches at the next level.

The Mecca Challenge-Feb '11: There is no shortage of players across the country who have everything to play a certain position -- except a critical two or so inches. Brown is one of those, for sure. She has broad shoulders and strong legs, and stays active around the glass. Further, she can seal a defender, receive the ball and shield it, and finish with either hand. Brown also will absorb all manner of contact, play for the free-throw line and make her shots there, too. All of this is a recipe for an effective Division I forward. The only thing missing for the 6-footer is a couple more inches. At this point, the question is whether she can develop some breakdown dribbling skills and confidence in her shot and become a power wing, or if she's got the goods to play up front, albeit on a slight lower level. (Nelson)

Beast of the East-Dec. 11: Left handed power forward, active around the rim. Power player. Nice touch around the rim. Rebounds, runs the floor. Skill set is at her best between 12-17 feet facing the rim. (Clay)

Winter 2010-11: Has a knack for scoring in the paint, especially from the high post. (Bodine)


Nike Regional Skills Acadmey, 2009.