Whitney Bunn

Point Guard

CLASS: 2013



  • Bunn, NCHometown
  • Bunn High School
  • 5-7Height
  • Weight
  • Overall Rank
  • 29Position Rank

ESPN Player Evaluations

NAIC Southeast-Oct. 10: One of the more impressive textbook performances of the weekend came from this 5-7 point guard. If you're caught up in the ultra-athletic appearance and build of a prospect you might miss a good one in Bunn. Don't mistake for a moment that she's not a sound athlete and doesn't know how to use what she does have. What makes her stand out is her consistent, smart and very effective play. Again and again she penetrated past those quick guards everybody seems to love and came away with a bucket or an assist. She takes care of the ball and you can almost see her reading the floor and looking for the best options or weaknesses in defenses. Whether you're looking at her ballhandling, passing or the form on her shot, you're going to see some well taught and obviously well drilled skills. Defensively she understands the gap she has to give and does a good job of keeping her match up in front of her. She struggles with ball screens at times and seems a little too willing to go underneath them, but, just like on the offensive end, she's always thinking and adapting. (Lewis)


Club Team: Wake Forest Wizards