Marissa Ellis

Point Guard

CLASS: 2012



  • Kansas City, MOHometown
  • Staley High School
  • 5-8Height
  • Weight
  • Overall Rank
  • 25Position Rank
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ESPN Player Evaluations

NAIC Southeast-Oct. 2010: Instinctual passers are a goldmine if you can find them and if you find one in a point guard you may have hit the mother lode. This 5-7 guard is somebody you want to have the ball in her hands in transition and on penetration. Her ability to read defenders and make good choices is advanced for her age and leads to many uncontested opportunities. That's not to say that she's not going to turn it over a time or two but she's going to deliver the assist more often than not and, in the process, create a better look for her teammate. Her own form is sound and she has good range on the perimeter to keep defenders closing out and honest. Her build is solid and athletic but she's still showing some hints of knee issues and wearing a pretty substantial brace. The good news is that she's still more productive than many and is only going to be more impressive as she puts those issues behind her. Defensively she's physical and uses her strength on the ball but tends to stay too tight to her own match up on the weakside. (Lewis)

USJN Cincy-July 09: Marissa Ellis out of Staley High School in Kansas City is someone folks should be keeping an eye on. The Blazers-Elite 5-8 point guard has a lot of the skills and maturity in her game that you often don't find until later in a player's career. Her one-on-one skills allow her to create scoring and passing options for herself and her well-coached teammates. She sees the floor and makes good choices with the ball in her hands. Her own shot has good form and a nice stroke and is a key to setting up her penetration. She's also an aggressive on-ball defender on a team that makes its living creating offense from its defense.


Club Team: Blazers Elite