Karlie Samuelson

Karlie Samuelson


CLASS: 2013



  • Huntington Beach, CAHometown
  • Mater Dei High School
  • 5-11Height
  • Weight
  • 77Overall Rank
  • 20Position Rank

ESPN Player Evaluations

Nike Nationals: Despite putting on an ultra impressive shooting display she also demonstrated an advance in her game and skills. The ballhandling and passing have always been there but their use and effectiveness were at a new level. Add to that some well thought and efficient movement without the ball and you're getting a much more versatile threat. Nobody is going to call her speedy on defense but she's taking smarter gaps on her close outs and containing penetration better than in the past. That gap makes it tough to contest some shots from quick release artists but her size compensates to a degree. (Lewis)

More from Nike: It's rare for a youngster on a 17U team to be the one who brings calm to her team, but the middle Samuelson sister (her sister Bonnie will be a freshman at Stanford and younger sister Katie Lou is a rising freshman) is just that. Whether Karlie ends up playing the point guard position in college, for the most part, is irrelevant because she has the ball skills and passing ability to get the job done... Click here for the full evaluation and tip sheet.

Nike TOC-Dec. 10: Seems to have added some size that she's more than willing to exploit with smaller defensive match ups. Playing the point but ultimately much more suited for the #2 guard spot. One on one skills are sharp and refined but the explosiveness isn't there yet to leave defenders behind after she gets them off balance. Often takes a side step before attacking forward to get by opponents. The vision to see the floor is impressive and she delivers the ball effectively. The shot had it's moments. (Lewis)

Nike Nationals-July 10: Demonstrating some real versatility in her game and ever sharpening skills. Reads the floor well and creates both shots and passes. The stroke may well be genetic as she continues it impress from range as well as a couple of impressive pull ups. (Lewis)

Nike Skills-May '10: Skilled guard with good size and instincts on the perimeter. A legitimate three point threat, she makes smart plays with the ball in her hands and is active without it. There are times that she seems to be playing a little too upright off the dribble but she still makes plays. Defensively she already understands spacing and gaps against quicker players as well as anticipates effectively on the weakside. (Lewis)

Nike TOC-Dec. 09: With older sister Bonnie (2011) already established as one of the premier perimeter shooting talents in country, Edison High (Calif.) freshman Karlie Samuelson is upholding her part of an impressive family tradition. The 5-11 guard is rapidly becoming the kind of threat that commands attention from defenders baseline to baseline. Her catch and shoot release is about as quick as you could want and finds the range at a very high percentage. While not a true point guard, Samuelson is handling the chores admirably for coach Dan Wylie and reaping the ball skill and decision-making benefits that will pay off when she settles in at the shooting guard spot down the road. Her attack off the dribble at this point is somewhat lateral but she's effective at protecting the ball and reading the floor. The earlier she becomes a multifaceted scorer the more sleepless nights she'll be causing for opponents in the future. (Hansen)

Music City-July 09: Height is that thing you just can't teach because it's genetic. But is there a shooter gene too? When you see Karlie Samuelson of Cal Swish Red shoot the ball, you might think so. Her delivery is way different than older sister Bonnie Samuelson, but has the same result -- nothing but nylon. She isn't as tall at 5-11, but she's more athletic and she gets her shot off quicker. As her shooting exploits get out, she'll see more and more stiff denial and face-guard defenses. She'll have to learn to use her body a little better to set defenders up and get open, but for someone who is yet to play her first high school game she'll have plenty of time to pick up the tricks of the shooting trade. She'll also have two seasons at Edison to learn from her big sis. (Hansen)


Club Team: Cal Swish Red