Sydney Wiese

Point Guard

CLASS: 2013



  • Phoenix, AZHometown
  • Pinnacle High School
  • 5-9Height
  • Weight
  • 80Overall Rank
  • 17Position Rank
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ESPN Player Evaluations

Nike TOC-Dec. 11: Smooth lefty long active great handles great 3-point shooter scoring PG, breaks defenses down, excellent passer, nice spin move, has an array of moves to shake defenders, good defender, needs to add strength to slender frame. (Beverly)

Battle in the Boro-July 11: Beginning to show a maturity and confidence in her game that will allow her to take a big step forward. Mixing up her game to a greater degree and not just settling for the open long ball off the entry pass. Putting the ball on the floor and looking to exploit defenses more often and creating not only her own options but ones for her teammates as well. Equally a threat in transition or the halfcourt. Sees the floor well and not hesitant to give it up if someone else has a better look at the rim. Slight build still limits her effectiveness in traffic but the floater seems to be a recourse for her. Defensively she's active but got driven on several times as a result of overplaying. Reach is an asset for her on ball. (Lewis)

USAB U16 Trials-May 11: From day one Wiese has been a skilled, focused and hard working guard. She's now reached that point where it's time for her to take a big jump forward in her game and develop that single "go to" aspect of her game defenders have to respect every possession. She's more than a Jack of All Trades but it was obvious at the trials that nothing set her apart from the crowd. Mother Nature needs to kick in and offset her very lean frame as well as add some strength, but the potential and mentality are there to evolve into a very talented player. If it's about effort, it won't be a problem for her. (Lewis)

WCP Spring-May. 11: Thin frame, not afraid of playing against anyone. Left handed off ball guard, loves to take the open three. Has supreme confidence in her game. Volume shooter. (Clay)

Nike TOC-Dec. 10: Has all the skills, passing ballhandling and a sound shot. Sees the floor and can create her own scoring opportunities as well as set up her teammates with easy looks. Her struggles come with quicker or more physical defenders. On the break or off penetration she can find and exploit defensive breakdowns but one on one she's finding it more of a challenge to get past players with more size and speed. (Lewis)

Peach State-July 10: This 5-7 point guard out of Phoenix, is just simply fun to watch. Scrappy and aggressive she has the ballhandling skills to attack any defender and the attitude that nobody is going to stop her. Despite a somewhat slight build, she's creating drives and jumpers as well as distributing the ball with pinpoint passing. One of her real strengths is her ability to keep her dribble and take multiple stabs at her defender, keeping them on their toes or out of their stance. The consistency and range have evolved and forced defenders to have to pick her up early or pay a price. She's just as intense at the other end, particularly on the ball. She reads her match up well and takes away options time and again. Physical maturity is hopefully going to give her the additional size and strength to hold her own as she faces older competition. If intensity, effort and evolving skills count for anything, she's one to watch. (Lewis)

Battle For The Boro-July 10: Young, slight guard who has the skills and instincts to have lots of coaches watching closely. Ballhandling is an impressive strength and serves her well in setting up her teammates as well as herself with good looks. There's a jumper with a quick release that has good range on it as well. She'll attack at times, pull it back and attack again. Great basketball intelligence and court instincts. She'll have to fill out to be effective down the road but there's plenty of time for that. (Lewis)

Nike TOC-Dec. 09: Young lefty point guard with a narrow build. Has some quickness and ball skills. Will shoot it from beyond the 3-point arc. Plays with some swagger, has a little shake to her game but gets bumped off the ball too easily at this point.


Club Team: GSB Arizona