Taryn Griffey

Taryn Griffey

Point Guard

CLASS: 2014



  • Orlando, FLHometown
  • Dr. Phillips High School
  • 5-7Height
  • Weight
  • 86Overall Rank
  • 21Position Rank
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ESPN Player Evaluations

Battle-in-the-Bayou-July 2013: Strong and explosive combo guard, plays taller than advertised; fully recovered and confident from knee injury in 2012; quick leaper, handles, rebounds and attacks in transition; unselfish, distributes on break; mid-range game creator; maturity and physical development are an asset off the dribble. (Olson)

EBA Super 64-June 11: May well be the poster child for speed and quickness. Makes a lot of things happen both on the break as well as in the halfcourt off penetration and with a relentless attack. On occasion gets too deep in numbers situations making the space defenders have to cover smaller. Shot the pull up well but didn't get the open jumpers to fall. In reality she sees very few of them because of her persistent attack. Quick and aggressive on ball defender who can turn opposing ballhandlers multiple times in one possession. Off the ball she anticipates well and has the quickness to take chances and still recover if they don't pay off. Size can still be an issue with some match ups but her physical skills offset a lot of those missing inches. (Lewis)

USAB U16 Trials-May 11: The athletic tools are on par with anyone in her class and allow her to make eye-catching plays at both ends of the floor. With the ball in her hands she can penetrate at will and is just as effective with the pull up as she is getting all the way to the rim. The consistency on the perimeter is beginning to come but still must evolve more to force defenders to close out tight. Off the ball is where she needs the most work at this point as she finds herself sometimes standing when she doesn't have it in her hands. On the defensive end she's ultra quick and aggressive both on ball and in weakside rotations. Size could become a question mark but only if opponents can catch her. (Lewis)

JOP.com Holiday-Dec. 10: The ultra quick speedy 5-foot-6 point guard has excellent command of her dribble and attacks the basket with either hand. Griffey has very good court vision and a high basketball IQ. She loves to push the ball and get out in front of defense and once she does no one is going to catch her. She is a very good leaper and rebounds well for her size. Griffey has the ability to create havoc for opposing teams living in their paint. Despite her size she doesn't shy away from contact; she played the entire tourney in the paint. She has a nice one-hand floater that she uses in traffic. Once she perfects that floater watch out. Griffey is a very good on-ball defender and loves to jump the passing lanes. She carried a majority of her team's scoring load against Providence Day. She stepped to the free-throw line and knocked down a pair of clutch free throws to help secure the victory. She must further develop her mid-range game and 3-point shot. (Beverly)

All SE Invitational-Oct. 10: The athleticism goes without saying and is exhibited at both ends of the floor. Offensively the skill set continues to expand and the attacking mentality now includes some well thought decisions rather than just the reactions that sometimes gets her into some trouble. She's willing to push the ball from makes, misses and turnovers and does so on a consistent basis. The perimeter threat will have to be more consistent to keep defenders closing out and allowing her to create off the drive. Her quickness on ball is an asset and offsets her lack of size to some degree. (Lewis)

Bayou-July 10: For a little one -- the Georgia Ice guard is only 5-4 -- Griffey has great hops. She also has excellent foot speed, and her ability to run down dribblers on defense without throwing her body into them (thereby causing a foul) is a big plus. She has a nice, clean shot, and decent elevation. She still makes some youthful mistakes, but the 2014 guard also shows good composure, and she doesn't mind going inside to try to get the bigs into foul trouble. Sometimes her height can hurt her against bigger guards, but her ability to speed past them gets her through. (Nelson)

Nike Regional Skills-May 10: Probably the smallest players at the academy but she can play at a high level. She can shake people off the dribble and makes good decisions in those situations. Her size causes her trouble with elite post defenders in the lane to bother any shot attempts but she does a good job of not forcing things and finding an open teammates. Stay tuned as a growth spurt will shoot her status up to a new level. (Hansen)


re-inured knee July 2013 Nike Nationals.