Peyton Little

Peyton Little


CLASS: 2012



  • Abilene, TXHometown
  • Wylie High School
  • 5-10Height
  • Weight
  • 30Overall Rank
  • 8Position Rank
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ESPN Player Evaluations

Battle in the Boro-July 11: Continues to show more and more versatility every time out. The ballhandling is becoming consistent and effective in creating options for the shot or pass. Her usually reliable long range shot came and went but she was able to connect on some critical shots at key moments. The ability to play the point as well as line up at the #2 or #3 gives her the versatility to fill multiple roles and exploit different defensive weaknesses. her own defense is aggressive and her length provides an asset but she struggles at times to contain quicker and smaller match ups. (Lewis)

PBR Super 64-July 11: Appears to adding more and more depth to her game. The ballhandling is sharper, more consistent and utilized with greater confidence. The crossover is getting her past even the quickest defenders in one on one situations. Her long range shooting keeps defenders honest and puts her in a position to dictate her team's offensive attack. Her size and length make her a sound on ball defender while her instincts and anticipation allow her to make impact plays on the weakside of the floor. (Lewis)

DFW March Fest-March 11: University of Texas commit Peyton Little is coming off a successful state championship run, and she looked to continue that success with her play this past weekend. Little was simply impressive in her Cy-Fair team's matchup with DFW T-Jack. She found ways to keep her team in the game while handling point guard responsibilities and running the team. Little is a deceptive offensive player with savvy that continuously puts pressure on opposing defenses. It would be hard to classify her as an explosive athlete, but she is certainly athletic. She maximizes her physical gifts and adds to them with a well-rounded skill set as well as the ability to shoot the basketball at a high percentage. (Moore)

Texas UIL-March 11: It is often said that high school ball and summer club ball are completely different. Sometimes that's a good thing, as is the case with Peyton Little. We fell in love with her do-everything game a year ago in Austin under the same bright lights and didn't see the same player in the summer. Erase any thoughts of her game regressing because Little balled out of her mind in the championship game, scoring a state record 43 points in the finale. She didn't do a whole lot different from her 23-point performance in the semifinal, except her team needed her to make more baskets, so she did. The ball control, ability to create with the pass, break a defender down and create scoring as well as shoot it from long range, are all great reasons the University of Texas offered her early. (Hansen)

Little likes to penetrate and pitch, playing point guard today. She attacks the lane with the dribble - likes to facilitate the action, good ball skill. Solid shooter off the catch, little streaky. Uses the high pick and roll coming off her right hand to attack. (Clay)

Nike Nationals-July 10: Seems to be attacking more off the dribble as the summer has progressed. Her ballhandling is sound and effective, but she's very upright at times. None the less, she navigates traffic well and penetrates on both quicker and stronger defenders. The shot is still something that will challenge any opponent and the range should force them to pick her up early. Physically she ran into some challenges at the defensive end from a strength standpoint. (Lewis)

Battle of the Boro-July 10: Al Coleman has split up some of his stronger players among the top two Cy-Fair teams and this early commit for Coach Gail Goestenkors and the University of Texas is demonstrating why both teams were playing on the last day in Murfreesboro. Standing 5-10 with a long and somewhat thin build, Little is constant in her well-thought-out and fluid efforts on the floor. It would be wrong to go much further without mentioning her text book and ultra reliable shot and range. From 3-point distance or in tighter off cuts, the Abilene, Texas, product connected time and again and is more than adept at finding or creating her own scoring opportunities. The ability to read off the screen is advanced for her age and provides plenty of open looks. She has a smart and effective step-back shot, but occasionally will rush a bit off the dribble. Her lean build is a challenge for her defensively especially with more physical matchups, but she's not backing down or giving ground to anyone. With focus, her size and wingspan give her an opportunity to be just as effective at getting stops as she is at putting the ball in the hole. (Lewis)

PBR Super 64-July '10: This University of Texas commit is going through a transition. Little, playing for the Katie Hensle-coached Cy-Fair team, is in a much more structured and controlled system than when she is let loose for her Wylie High School team. The styles are so different that the struggles are apparent, but ultimately better preparation for her and her eventual move to Austin. She can still create in the open court with the pass or stop and pop a 20-footer. She's another player that has to find those times in the game to push the tempo and create and know when to relax some and let the game come to her. (Hansen)

Boo Williams-April '10: The sophomore guard showed her agility and versatility on the wing, though much more reserved from her play with her high school team where she controls tempo and is in charge of play-making. With her club team she is in more of a system and doesn't freelance as much. She is still a dependable shooter and a good passer with the flare to her game. (Hansen)

Texas UIL-March '10: The 5-10 sophomore guard was one of the most entertaining players in the tournament, scoring from all over the court with a flair for the dramatic. When Little plays you can see how much fun she's having, from her Jordan-esque tongue wagging to her enthusiastic fist pumps when she or a teammate makes a great play. In big moments she also wants the ball. In the 3A championship game she hit a game-tying 3-pointer in overtime that was taken away by a traveling call and just before the buzzer, down two, she shot a beautiful, high-arching 3 off the dribble that went half way down before popping out. She makes plays with the pass in both transition and the half court. She is also good at jumping passing lanes but needs to become a more consistent presence as an on-ball defender. (Hansen)


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