Jessica Jackson

Jessica Jackson


CLASS: 2013



  • Jacksonville, ARHometown
  • Jacksonville High School
  • 6-3Height
  • Weight
  • 17Overall Rank
  • 4Position Rank

ESPN Player Evaluations

PBR Super 64-July 11:Demonstrating more and more the ability to play on the wing. Still looking for the consistency that will put her among the class's elite players. Will need to embrace the role her team has for her to fully be an impact player each time out. Can create her own looks both in the halfcourt as well as on the break. Works well in traffic but tends to avoid contact often throwing her balance off while shooting. Her size and agility make her a challenging match up for defenders and at the same time gives her the tools to be a lock up defender herself. Has the tools but still finding her way. (Lewis)

USAB U16 Trials-May 11: When she plays in the mid and low post, she seems more comfortable especially scoring. If she is truly going to be a perimeter player, her ball handling skills will have to improve. (Bodine)

DFW March Fest-March 11: Jessica Jackson definitely passes the eye test. The hybrid forward stands 6-2 to 6-3 and has a versatile skill set that allows her to create mismatches on the floor. She can post up against smaller defenders and space the floor and knock down the jumper against fellow bigs. This weekend, Jackson was especially consistent with her perimeter jumper, showing that she has the range to be a very capable pick-and-pop threat at the college level. As Jackson continues to add polish to her offensive skill set, the area that she can improve most will be on the defensive side of the ball. She has the potential to be an elite defender, but will have to show more dedication from possession to possession. (Moore)

Basketball on the Bayou July '10: When watching some like Jackson, who is 6-3 but plays mostly on the perimeter, the internal debate commences. Do we do a kid a disservice (see Vicki Baugh) by pronouncing her a position-changer? On one hand, Jackson can play the perimeter with effectiveness. She is very fluid and can defend point guards, has good form on a three-point shot and handles the ball like a wing. Question is, are we more impressed with her as a perimeter player because she is 6-3 and think that size adds something to the position? Size indeed can be a benefit -- enhancing a player as a target, increasing her ability to get her shot off and giving her enhanced passing angles and ability. The questions Jackson will have to answer as she gets older regard whether those assets will outweigh those of a kid two inches shorter, who may be truer and more aggressive with the shot and can create better off the bounce. Certainly, Jackson will offer more as an inside defender and deterrent, but she also can do so from the forward spot. There are those of us who advocate erring on the side of versatility and believe Jackson won't suffer from some investment in an inside offensive game. She may indeed have the goods in the paint, but has such little inclination to be down there at the offensive end, it's almost impossible to tell. (Nelson)

Battle in the Boro-July 10: Lots of size and length. Impressive agility and athleticism. Playing more forward but showing flashes that lead you to believe she can end up on the wing. The ballhandling is there and she's fluid off the drive from the elbows. She didn't take any looks from the perimeter but the form looked good at the line. Her vertical is often revealed in her rebounding and she anticipates well defensively. Real potential is in place to be something special with the right focus. (Lewis)

Flava Jam-July 10: If you liked Natasha Howard in the 2010 class then you are going to love Jackson. The similarities are both physical and stylistic. She's been listed at 6-2 in some packets and 6-3 in others but it doesn't matter because she is really long and a guard. Her ball handling stands out and when she rips a rebound and goes coast-to-coast with a sick wrap-around dribble at the top of the key before a finish at the rim, jaws drop. She needs to get stronger to hold her ground in the paint because she will be a mismatch inside against most wings and posting up will continue to be a part of her game. We loved her performance at Boo Williams in the spring and now she just stands out with the best in the class. She may not be as polished as a Kaela Davis or Diamond DeShields but she is right in the neighborhood when it comes to potential. (Hansen)

Nike Skills-May '10: She has a nice solid build to go on with great athleticism. She can get to basket from the perimeter in minimal dribbles and she can score from beyond the arc.

Boo Williams-April '10: For her size she has some handle, nice change of direction. Loves to put it on the deck going left. She struggles some with playing through contact, especially inside, making her best college position the wing. From the perimeter her shot looks nice. She is very light on her feet and has ample athleticism. With some continued development she should be one of the top prospects out of Arkansas in the class. (Lewis)

Listing Jackson at 6-2 might be a stretch but her game is big enough that fibbing about her height isn't necessary. She is a forward with perimeter skills. She showed nice handle and effective change of direction with the basketball. Though a right-handed player she was comfortable putting the ball on the floor going left and has good form on her jumper as well. She is young still so the trouble she had finishing with contact should take care of itself in time if she continues to work hard. (Hansen)


Club Team: Arkansas Mavericks 14's