Ameryst Alston


CLASS: 2012



  • Canton, OHHometown
  • McKinley High School
  • 5-9Height
  • Weight
  • Overall Rank
  • 45Position Rank
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ESPN Player Evaluations

Classic in the Country-Jan. 11: If there was ever a player who should play poker it's this 5-foot-9 guard for the defending state champs. You can see some of her cards but she's not willing to let you see all of them. Don't mistake her game for a bluff, however, or the losses could be heavy. She still has one of the best attacks that you can find one-on-one; you're just not going to see it that often. The success that she and her high school teammates have had makes it hard to argue with her conservative play. At the same time, in summer evaluation events and at the USA Basketball trials, she appeared more content to let others lead the way. In Berlin she again showed moments that explain the long line of recruiters. But she also seemed to be holding back, which prompted one college assistant to ask, "What is she waiting for?" Still, the game and the potential are all there and there won't be many recruiters who don't see her as a sure bet. (Lewis)

Battle in the Boro-July 10: Alston may be one of the more frustrating players to evaluate as her explosiveness and individual skills are still very evident. However, the conservative approach she seems to be playing with has you pulling your hair waiting on her to attack. Her acceleration is equal to some top tier running backs but you see it only occasionally. She takes care of the ball but isn't creating the scoring opportunities for herself or her teammates that will keep her at the top end of the class. (Lewis)

USA U17 Trials-June 10: This Ohio native comes with much fanfare for her ability to create off the dribble and entertain with athletic attacks of the paint. That never really showed during the trials. She seemed content to be a perimeter passer and just run the offenses. She's not one of the taller guards but her strength, especially in her shoulders, allows her to play bigger but she only used that in spots. The hope is that the more passive or conservative style of play is an abberation and not the norm as her physical gifts are top shelf. (Hansen)

Wildcat Classic-May 10: This 5-9 combo guard from SMAC has already caught the eyes of recruiters across the country and is making a statement that she may well be in the top tier of the 2012 class. Strong, smooth and athletic, she can create off the dribble and has an effective pull up. She has the range and touch to shoot the 3-pointer, which should keep defenders honest and closing out. Her decision-making has matured and has almost become too conservative. There are times you want to see her more on the attack and looking to create. Her passing is smart and effective and she's good in traffic, but there are times she seems content to take what the defense gives rather than take what she wants. Defensively, on the ball, she has the lateral speed to turn opposing ballhandlers and could become a real force if she embraces that role. (Lewis)

Classic in the Country-Jan. 10: Canton McKinley's dynamic sophomore burst onto the scene as a freshman last season during the Ohio state tournament. Explosive and attacking at 5-9, she utilizes impressive ball skills to create both shots and passes. The scary part for future opponents might be that she appears even stronger than she did this summer. Her ability to put defenders on their heels makes her threat on almost every touch. At this point her pull-up jump shot isn't the weapon she'll need it to be to exploit the space she creates with her first step and her range will have to force opponents to close out. Defensively there aren't too many opposing guards who are going to get by her when she's matches up on ball.


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