Mikayla Reese


CLASS: 2014



  • Colorado Springs, COHometown
  • Sand Creek High School
  • 5-8Height
  • Weight
  • Overall Rank
  • 62Position Rank

ESPN Player Evaluations

Nike Nationals-July 2012: Combo-guard handles and attacks in uptempo; half-court secondary game manager directs; slashes and attacks, finishes in traffic; range to the arc. (Olson)

EBA All American Camp-Sept. 11: With a talented cast of opposition, the camp was telling for Reese. It showed that while not the most athletic player in her class, she knows how to make plays. Her ball skill, shooting touch and court vision allowed her to compete with this high level cast. She's the ideal second perimeter scorer to a higher volume lead guard because she can make an impact with other parts of her game besides shooting the ball. The biggest challenge right now is keeping the explosive players in front of her on defense. She wants to apply pressure but learning what the appropriate cushion is and which players she can't overplay will help her greatly as she strives to play against the elites of the circuit. (Hansen)

Battle in the Boro-July 11: Demonstrated the same aggressive and attacking game she has shown over the past couple of months. Physically strong, she's not hesitant to take it into traffic and create her own looks and passes. Has moments of overdribbling to relieve pressure but more often than not knows what options she's trying to develop. Physical on ball defender who's willing and capable of turning a ballhandler. (Lewis)

EBA Super 64-June 11: Another athlete who had some moments at both the USA U16 trials and last weekend was this 5-6 point guard. With the ball in her hands she utilizes strong individual skills to create both shots and passes. Her effective use of both a change of speed and change of direction allows her to get past aggressive on ball pressure and force defenses to rotate and give up options. She pushes the ball at opportunity and sees the floor on the break. Occasionally she'll force the issue but her decisions more often than not are solid. The form is there on both the jumper and the pull up but her consistency will need to come down the road. She's got a solid, physical build that she's not hesitant to use to contain opposing perimeter threats. Her hands are active on the ball and off getting touches time and again. Lots of potential and possibilities with an important summer in front of her. (Lewis)

USAB U16 Trials-May 11: Physically strong with a very solid build at the point. Utilized solid speed and quickness to create scoring and passing opportunities for herself and her teammates. Impressive crossover got her past defenders and revealed a nice, reliable pull up. On the break made good choices delivering the ball or pulling it out as needed. On ball defensively she overplayed at times leaving herself vulnerable to penetration but appeared to have a good feel for the gap she needs against greater speed and quickness. (Lewis)

USJN Chicago-Oct. 10: Somebody needs to tell this 5-6 guard that she hasn't played her first high school game and that she shouldn't have so much poise on the floor. She is one of those players whostays true to her skill set and doesn't try to do so much and in doing so does a whole lot. Against quicker defenders she uses her body or changes speeds with the ball. She has more finishes in her bag of tricks than most players two years older than her. She shot the ball with some success as well. She is a decent athlete but lateral quickness isn't quite up to par with the best athletes but she has the basketball I.Q. that few of those uber athletes have. Will she be a point guard or an shooting guard? Time will tell but she has a knack for scoring and makes plays with the pass when needed. (Hansen)


Club Team: GSB Nike

participated in the USA Basketball U16 national team trials, 2011.