Chloe Pavlech

Point Guard

CLASS: 2012



  • Cincinnati, OHHometown
  • Sycamore High School
  • 5-6Height
  • Weight
  • Overall Rank
  • 24Position Rank
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ESPN Player Evaluations

USJN Toledo-May 11:Right hand dominant point guard, in good shape. Cut up through her arms. Combo type here, has 2 gears not 3. Can she create space or passing lanes off the dribble? Would like to see her become Metra Walthour (Georgia Tech senior) production wise over the course of her career. (Clay)

USJN DC-July 10: Stepped up her game from the Boro and began showing the reasons the folks at Maryland are looking forward to her arrival on campus. Demonstrated the maturity we've seen in the past as well as the patience that's usually reserved for more experienced players. Was a little content at times to take a back seat to others but stepped up at critical moments. Fluid defender who's aggressive on ball. (Lewis)

Battle in the Boro-July 10: Pavlech is a smooth, quiet killer. She does a lot of things well but in a quiet effective fashion. Whether it's handling the ball, delivering an assist or dropping in a jumper she does it with in a smooth, matter of fact fashion that demonstrates confidence and maturity. Physically she's strong and aggressive and plays with control and discipline. She's assertive on the defensive end playing a well thought and well coached game. (Lewis)

Midwest Showdown-May '09: The Cincinnati's Finest U15 point guard, does a lot of things for her team and most of them she does very well. She is a smooth and graceful athlete both with and without the basketball. She has that same smooth way about her when she's changing directions with the ball and she changes speeds well too. She is active defensively and is a player that changes the pace of the game as soon as she touches the court. She also showed good shooting touch and knocked down a few jumpers from long range. (Hansen)


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