Samantha Logic

Samantha Logic

Point Guard

CLASS: 2011



  • Racine, WIHometown
  • J. I. Case High School
  • 5-11Height
  • Weight
  • 10Overall Rank
  • 2Position Rank

ESPN Player Evaluations

USJN DC-July 10: After a breakout performance at the Nike Summer Showcase in mid-July, Logic built on that momentum with an outstanding performance at the USJN. The Katie Smith comparisons won't stop, due in large part to Logic's seemingly identical body frame to the perennial WNBA all-league performer. But Logic's vision and passing skills may be ahead of Smith's at this stage of her career. She has superior strength than most guards and uses it to hold off any defenders. Her IQ is evident in her ability to see one play ahead and consistently making the pass that leads to the assist. Her lack of blazing foot speed will always serve as an Achilles' heel, but her passing skills will more than make up for it.

Logic continued what she started in Chicago and actually turned it up even a notch more. Playing the ultra rare "power guard spot" she was on constant attack and virtually abusing defenders off her penetration. The beauty in her game is the physical nature of her attack and how it combines with finesse, skills and instincts in delivering the shot or pass. Nobody is going to call her speedy at the defensive end but she understands gaps and has the lateral first step that helps her stay in front of opponents. (Lewis)

Nike Summer Showcase July '10: It took getting to the big city for this Racine, Wis., guard to blow up, recruiting-wise. We may never before received as many texts from coaches asking, "who is this girl!" Certainly, they all know by now, and Logic's phone no doubt rang off the hook during the break. High-school girls' basketball rarely has seen a guard as physical. She reminds sometimes of John Stockton, the ex-Utah Jazz Hall of Famer, in the way she will set picks, tip in rebounds, and generally give up her body in the name of team success. She also has that -- shall we really say this? -- M.J. or Kobe-esque ability to use her body to initiate contact to gain separation, a concept very few on this level understand. The way she gets inside the paint is instructive in this regard -- strong, backdown moves, combo'd with crossovers or wraparounds and both the strength to finish and concept of shielding the ball to protect it on the way into the rim. Logic also has fantastic vision and delivery, as well as above-average perimeter shooting, but it's really her ability to create a shot with physicality that is worth the price of admission. (Nelson)


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