Ariell Bostick

Ariell Bostick

Point Guard

CLASS: 2013



  • San Leandro, CAHometown
  • Bishop O'Dowd High School
  • 5-2Height
  • Weight
  • Overall Rank
  • 76Position Rank
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ESPN Player Evaluations

Nike TOC-Dec. 2011: The value of consistent play at the point guard spot can never be understated. Having one who can handle the ball under pressure, run a team, and make a play when necessary is arguably the most important piece of a team. On Wednesday, Bostick managed to embody the kind of effectiveness at the point guard position that college coaches search for. The 5-2 junior lefty was forced to handle fullcourt pressure and take care of the basketball for her team. Bostick found ways to break the pressure... (Gray) Click here to read the full evaluation and tip sheet.

Left hand dominant. Does too much at times with the ball. Has to learn to make the simple pass. Has vision. Made a nice touch pass cross court for a score. (Clay)

Battle in the Boro-July 2011: This undersized point guard is playing an aggressive and attacking game that will make recruiters smile and opponents cringe. Visibly shorter than her listed 5-5 height, she utilizes a physically strong build and explosive combination of speed and quickness to create opportunities for both herself and her talented teammates. The ballhandling skills are quick, low and sure, which leaves defenders having to play with an extended cushion in hopes of staying in front of her. Problem is that on both the pull up and the perimeter jumper she's got a smooth stroke and a soft touch. There's no lesser of either evil. Add to that repertoire a step back that creates enough separation to get her shot off with ease, and you've got your basic nightmare matchup. She finishes surprisingly well in traffic off the drive but occasionally would be better suited to give it up rather than force a few of the looks that tend to be off balance. On the defensive end that quick and physical combination puts her in a position to be an impact on-ball defender. She anticipates well and cuts off attacking ballhandlers multiple times in a single possession. Her vision on the weakside is sharp but at times focused completely on the ball or her matchup leaving her vulnerable. It's hardly a concern that will keep coaches up at night, however.

Nike TOC-Dec. 10: Feisty and aggressive. Has range as well. Keep watching. (Lewis)

Has the handle and first step acceleration to get into the heart of the defense. Despite her height being less than ideal, she has a strength about her that affords her a few tenths of a second in traffic to find a play to make with the pass. Has a floater that should be a go-to as she perfects it. (Hansen)


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