Zaire O'Neil

Zaire O'Neil


CLASS: 2014



  • Newark, NJHometown
  • Malcolm X. Shabazz High School
  • 6-1Height
  • Weight
  • 40Overall Rank
  • 10Position Rank
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ESPN Player Evaluations

Battle-in-the-'Boro July 2013: Physical left-handed power body insider brings consistent results; finishes vs. contact with deceptive agility; average mobility in transition; relentless competitor on glass. (Olson)

The Mecca-Feb 12: College programs may have to think through how O'Neal would be used, given the configuration of the group of players she joins. Though there's no question she is talented and powerful, she is in essence a somewhat undersized forward at 6-feet-1. Is she a power wing? Perhaps. Her powerful base gives O'Neal the ability to hold her ground around the blocks and finish with defenders hanging all over her. It also gives her the foundation for a pretty good mid-range game. She is fairly explosive off the floor and can be very explosive off the dribble and will look for the dish as well as the pull. (Nelson)

Battle in the Boro-July 11: The first question that comes to mind as you watch this 6-0 forward/wing is why is she playing in the 15-year-old division? The "women among girls" analogy is more than fitting and showed in her productivity. Assertive and explosive, she gets to the rim at will and seems to embrace the physical play once she gets into the paint. Her attack is quick on the catch both on the perimeter and down low. There's a relentless element to her play that sets her apart from most opponents. Despite that approach, there are still occasions that she takes a play off or waits for the game to come to her. It not uncommon but doesn't fit with the way she plays the game on the whole. Defensively and on the boards she's just as aggressive in her approach which has her well suited down the road when it's time to head off to college. All the tools are there physically, and the basketball skills are both advanced and effective. While her play is strong and impressive, she would be more challenged playing up -- with and against better competition.

USJN DC-July 10: Lots of strength and a power game that is going to serve her well as she matures. Has a combination of interior and perimeter skills that should make her a challenging match up at any level. (Lewis)

Battle in the Boro-July 10: Very young and very talented. 6-0 swing player who almost undoubtedly will end up on the wing. Some ballhandling is already in place and she's not hesitant to handle it. There's a decent stroke and she has the ability to find her own looks. She's active and moves well baseline to baseline. There are lots of tools and maturity already present in her game. Watch closely. (Lewis)

Run for the Roses-July 10: O'Neal first caught our eye during last year's fall evaluation period as an 8th grader and as she enters her freshman year of high school she continues to be an impressive prospect. The 6-foot lefty's game is all about power, strength and domination of the paint; once she is anchored down low it is almost impossible to stop her from scoring. O'Neal has physically mature body with great balance and body control, which allow her to execute a host of back-to-basket moves. She has no problem handling double or even triple teams, she works hard in the paint and gets plenty of offensive put backs. When she is at the high post, O'Neal attacks the basket with minimal dribbles and the sheer force of her drive makes defenders hesitant to take a charge. Even if O'Neal doesn't grow another inch she projects to be more than a tweener that needs to move to the wing for college, she should have no issue playing the 4 at any level. (Bodine)


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