Kayla Potts

Kayla Potts

Point Guard

CLASS: 2014



  • Forest Park, GAHometown
  • Forest Park High School
  • 5-9Height
  • Weight
  • Overall Rank
  • 25Position Rank
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ESPN Player Evaluations

JOP Holiday Invitational-Jan. 12: This 5-9 prospect is showing signs of being that scoring point guard that seems to be the style of choice for many college coaches. The lefty has a smooth spin move, and she isn't a one-track mind when she attacks off the dribble; she's actually best at finding spot-up shooters as the defenders freeze or collapse on her penetration. She can knock down open shots from the perimeter and is a pretty good athlete. The only question is if she has another gear she can kick into. She's not slow by any stretch, but seems to play at a constant speed in the open court. If she's simply playing under control and scanning the floor and has that sixth gear in her back pocket, more power to her. (Hansen)

Bayou-July 11: Potts has all the change of direction moves and shifty quickness to break down defenders, but she turns it over on the pass too often. Has a habit of making the tougher, more flashy play, instead of making the easy play, which leads to some of the unneeded turnovers. (Hansen)

Turkey Jamm-Nov. 10: As long as we're talking about recognizing potential talent at a young age, it's worth mentioning this 5-9 point guard from Forest Park. Athletic with impressive speed, she pushes the ball at opportunity and is comfortable in transition as well as halfcourt sets. Her ballhandling is sharp, even with aggressive defensive pressure. She's part of a talented and well-coached team which gives her some breathing room to be a freshman. Potts sees the floor well but occasionally decisions come just a split second slower than they will down the road. She can get to the rim and demonstrated a couple of pull ups that will serve her well on penetration. She didn't take many from the perimeter but the stroke looks good and the confidence is there to keep defenders playing her straight up. Defensively she's active on the ball but gets caught with her head turned on the weakside sometimes. All the tools are in place for her to develop. (Lewis)


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