Te'a Cooper

Te'a Cooper

Point Guard

CLASS: 2015



  • Powder Springs, GAHometown
  • McEachern High School
  • 5-8Height
  • Weight
  • 12Overall Rank
  • 6Position Rank

ESPN Player Evaluations

John Lucas 40/40-September 2014: Explosive lead guard attacks off the bounce, finishes plays vs. contact; interior passer with court awareness; scorer's mentality, mid-range game producer, right-hand dominant penetrator; deep threat is key to next-level impact. (Olson)

U16 National Team Trials-June 2013: Strong, athletic floor leader, physical off the bounce, attacks under control, draws defenders, dishes in traffic; manufactures in mid-range game; developing deep threat; defends, anticipates in passing lanes; an elite-level guard in the class of 2015. (Olson)

Turkey Jamm-Nov 11: Playing well vs older guards. Solid, great instinct with the ball. Jumper is still a two piece. Comfortable with it at 15-17 feet. Went toe-to-toe with Danielle Ballard and Memphis Central. (Clay)

Flava Jam-July 2011: A little bit of a roller coaster performance but the highs were high and lows weren't quite that low. Pushes the ball and attacks with confidence. Has the ball skills to navigate traffic in transition as well as traffic off penetration. Her decision making is sound but there are times it's obvious she has her mind made up prior to defensive rotations and opportunities revealed. Finished well at the rim and on her pull ups but also demonstrated the range to keep opponents honest. Quick and active on ball defender. (Lewis)

EBA Super 64-June 11: You can debate the early commitment issue until the cows come home but it's hard to argue with the talent and potential of this middle school University of North Carolina verbal. A 5-7 point guard with both strength and speed, Cooper is in constant attack mode and looking to push the ball at every opportunity. Her acceleration is explosive and goes hand in hand with some sharp, slick ballhandling to navigate and slash through traffic. Her ball skills enable her to deliver some effective and deceptive one handed passing leading to some wide open lay ups for teammates. Her own looks come off some a creative use of hesitation moves and the ability to change direction on a dime. The floater is part of her arsenal but she's just as content to throw her body at defenders and get herself to the line. Her age and frustration showed to a degree in a physical three on three contest that would have made NFL linebackers proud. She digs in defensively on the ball and is intent on taking away options from her match up. On the weakside she anticipates well to come up with some picks but also takes some chances that leave her out of position at times. (Lewis)

Boo Williams-April 11: Excellent skill set for young point guard,sees the floor well. She has strong enough built to attack the basket and finish in traffic. (Bodine)

EBA All-American Camp-Sept. 10: Was able to hold her own against some of the top guards in the country as an eighth grader. Combo kid - Iverson like skill wise to girls. Jumper is two motions, sets it by her chin. If she gets that fixed, she's a problem. Will on ball defend, still young as far as helpline defense goes. Used to playing off talent. Driver on offense, quick to the rim off the bounce. Right handed but will go either way. (Clay)


September 2013: Cooper reopened her recruitment after giving a verbal to North Carolina as an eighth-grader. She is still considering UNC but also has 10 other schools on her list. In no order they are: Tennessee, Duke, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Florida State, South Carolina, Louisville, Kentucky, Rutgers and Pittsburgh.

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Te'a Cooper No. 3 prospect, No. 1 worker.

Club Team: A.O.T. Lady Rebels