Griffin Dempsey

Griffin Dempsey

Point Guard

CLASS: 2014



  • Huntington, WVHometown
  • St. Joseph Central High School
  • 5-6Height
  • Weight
  • Overall Rank
  • 25Position Rank

ESPN Player Evaluations

Holiday Invitational-Dec. 11: Quick trigger and range a couple feet beyond the 3-point arc. Dempsey has good quickness but lacks size and strength at this point, to operate in traffic on a consistent basis. But with her range, she can lift a defender and play in space more often than your average player. She knows when she's open and does a great job at getting her feet squared on every touch. She made some plays with the pass as well but with her team's other point guard, Mychal Johnson, playing on a sprained ankle, she was forced to be the primary scorer. (Hansen)

EBA Super 64-Oct. 11: ne of the better performance in either event came from this versatile 5-6 point guard. Playing with an impressive command of the floor she fully understands her role and looks to make the most of each possession. Her ability to read defenders both as a whole and individually allows her to set up passes and provide her teammates with some extra time and easy looks. Her understanding of tempo is something you don't see much from someone her age but the choices of when to run and when to pull it out were instinctual and efficient. The ballhandling skills themselves are low, sharp and always used to advance the ball or improve a passing angle... click here to read the full evaluation and tip sheet.


Club Team: West Virginia Thunder