Ashten Prechtel

Ashten Prechtel


CLASS: 2019



  • COHometown
  • Discovery CanyonHigh School
  • 6-5Height
  • Weight
  • 15Overall Rank
  • 3Position Rank

ESPN Player Evaluations

USA Trials-May 2018: Skilled low-post performer with front court versatility; feathery touch, elevates in key; defensive stopper, alters shots, rebounds and starts the fast break; mobile in transition game; extending face up game opportunist; an elite center in the class of 2019. (Olson)

Boo Williams Invitational-April 2018: Agile low-post prospect combines emerging back-to-basket game efficiency with face up game; shot blocker, alters shots, initiates the fast break; mobile in transition; soft touch in key; emerging as an elite front court prospect. (Olson)

USA Trials-May 2017: Agile post performer brings imposing size, length and shot blocking ability to the paint; quick in block, elevates with soft touch in key; defensive presence, shot blocker; mobile in uptempo game; sleeper prospect with off-the-charts potential. (Olson)

Boo Williams Invitational-April 2017: Post prospect with quick feet in paint, rises in lane with soft touch on jumper; defensive presence, alters shots, rebounds and initiates the fast break; emerging offensive arsenal. (Olson)

USA Trials-May 2016: Post performer with emerging offensive game; nimble footwork in paint, shot blocker in lane; potential. (Olson)


member McDonalds All-American Team in 2019.

member Jordan Brand Classic in 2019.

Honorable-Mention 4A All-State in 2018.