Shenneika Smith


CLASS: 2009



  • CAHometown
  • Saint Michael AcademyHigh School
  • 6-1Height
  • Weight
  • 7Overall Rank
  • 2Position Rank

ESPN Player Evaluations

Smith may be the most explosive offensive shooting guard in the class. She is worthy of mention with Skylar Diggins, Tayler Hill and Tierra RUffin-Pratt. She has a scorer's mentality all the time. She has the ability to create scoring opportunities for herself against almost anyone. She has great quickness and length. Those attributes accompanied with very good ballhandling ability and you have a pretty dynamic offensive weapon. Those abilities can allow her to get by most defenders and to the cup where her leaping ability has her flying to the basket. She also has such quick jumping ability that she can fire out of just about any dribble move and raise up for a jumper. Her length and ability to elevate quickly are evident in her jumper too as she has a sweet looking jumper with a high and smooth release. It is truly hard to defend her jumper without anticipating when she will raise up which feeds into her creative ability. She can change speeds and elevate the ball in a "hands-high" hesitation move to give off that jumper feel and the defender begins to close out, and then her quickness takes over and she explodes past them.

The areas on offense that could use improvement would be shot selection. With her club team there is a lot of clear outs and one-on-one tendencies with numerous players and those shots just won't fly at the next level. Showing the ability to commit to running the team's offense on a consistent basis and scoring with her great abilities within the offense and not on clear outs would really be the next evolution. Also using those abilities to get her teammates invovled so the team isn't one dimensional would be great to see. She can make some amazing and impresive passes in transition and her recognizing the many mismatches her teammates pose for their opponents and then getting the ball to those players because she can would be the next level for her offensively.

Defensively she uses her quickness well to torment the ball handler and has good anticipation skills in the passing lanes. When the entire team is locked in she really shines on defense. Her length can make passing lanes disappear and when she jumps a passing lane she regularly converts the pass into a transition bucket. The area she needs to improve most is consistency. She needs to play lights out D all game and by her efforts force her teammates to pick it up.

All in all this is one 2009 that looks to be a gem for the next level.


Club Team: Exodus NYC