Tierra Rogers


CLASS: 2009



  • San Francisco, CAHometown
  • Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep.High School
  • 5-11Height
  • Weight
  • 20Overall Rank
  • 5Position Rank

ESPN Player Evaluations

Rodgers scored a team high 25 points and it felt like she scored even more in the Championship game against Poly. She showed all the skills and attributes that she has dominated with in the past and has taken the next step in her development by improving on one of her biggest weaknesses, perimeter shooting.

Just last May she was beginning to shoot the ball more but it was obvious that she wasn't comfortable or confident yet. Against Poly everything was confident and smooth. She hit the opposition with a three ball that was all twine, some mid range pull up J's and even a contested step-back 18-footer, all in key moments of a pressure packed game. The inconsistencies in her follow through, which haunted her before, are gone, or at least in this tournament they have been. This may have been a hot game for her but nevertheless the improvement is obvious.

Her aggressive drives to the basket and finishing in traffic are still her trademark and she's still good for at least one offensive foul a game but the kid is battling in there against the giants and winning more than she's losing. She shows great acceleration with the basketball in her first few steps and has a dynamite spin move she loves to go to if the defender has position on her.

Rodgers rebounds both ends of the floor extremely well for her position which is probably the two in college. Her quick hands on defense lead to a ton of steals and transition buckets. Her primary weakness is finishing with her left hand. She still chooses to go to her right, even if it is a more difficult finish, than to extend and finish with her left. If she can make the same level of improvement on this as she did on her perimeter shooting she will be an immediate impact to any program.

Rodgers is not a kid you have to worry about taking plays off, she gets after it and looks to enjoy playing defense. She has learned how her defensive play can get her easy buckets and change the momentum of games. Don't be surprised if she's a bit higher in the rankings the next release. She is a player that loves to attack the gaps and get all the way to the basket which works for her high school because they don't have a big post clogging up the lane. If she goes to a program with an established post player, expect an adjustment period.


First Team, All-City, SF Examiner, 2008... First Team, West Catholic Athletic League, 2008... MVP, Nike NW Invitational, 2007... GRS Fall Showcase All-Star, 2006

2008 Club Team: DFW Elite... 2007 Club Team: West Coast Elite Black then switched to San Jose Cagers before July... 2006 Club Team: San Jose Cagers