Inga Orekhova


CLASS: 2009



  • La Jolla, CAHometown
  • The Bishops SchoolHigh School
  • 6-3Height
  • Weight
  • 40Overall Rank
  • 10Position Rank

ESPN Player Evaluations

Inga Orehkova is a legit 6-foot-3 and is very long on top of that, but she's a wing player exclusively at this point in her development. We watched her play several times in Atlanta, July 13-15. Coming into the tournament there was a buzz about a kid from Europe that could really shoot the ball. In the first viewing of Orehkova, from Austria, it was not her passing that caught my attention. In a game her EBO team was in very good control over she got her teammates involved with her great passing skills. Some of the passes she was making were vintage 1984 Magic Johnson. She was throwing no look passes all over the gym both in transition and in the half court. It looked effortless and the passes were on the money. Having this passing ability is a great compliment to her shooting as in later games teams would figure out that she could flat shoot the ball. Speaking of shooting the ball, this kid confirmed the buzz that she can shoot it from deep. She has a pretty quick release and at 6-3 she is typically extending much higher than any perimeter defender can bother. Her shot seems effortless too. There isn't a lot of movement, just catch and shoot and she was able to knock a few down off the bounce, although usually off horizontal movement, not off the break or on a step-back. Defensively there is room for improvement. She has great length and can move her feet so doing it in an aggressive manner that impacts what is happening on the court. Right now her biggest defensive weapon is her wing span as she can make passing lanes disappear. Because of her size she's going to find herself guarding players that are used to playing inside so getting stronger and using her body better to bump cutters and take interior position needs to be addressed. This affects her rebounding too where she could really get inside and fight for those boards. Her mentaility in three viewings in Atlanta shows she is more like a guard. But given her height, lenght and skill set she should be able to add this piece of her game and really create matchup problems on both ends of the court. If she became a more efficient rebounder the opposition couldn't last very long with a quicker perimeter player on her and with her guard skills now having a bigger forward on is also a mismatch as she can get her shot off before they can close out, plus she can put the ball on the floor or find open teammates when teams overcommitt. Overall she fits the bill of a European player who is ahead of her American counterparts in footwork and fundamentals but is not used to the physical part of the game. She is such a smooth moving athlete I believe she can be taught a lot of things and continue to develop her game. Remember she just arrived her in the U.S. this year and is only going to be a Junior.


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