Maggie Lucas


CLASS: 2010



  • Philadelphia, PAHometown
  • Germantown AcademyHigh School
  • 5-8Height
  • Weight
  • 34Overall Rank
  • 9Position Rank

ESPN Player Evaluations

Boo Williams-April 09: A familiar face in the Belles' uniform was 5-10 guard Maggie Lucas. Already established as one of the premier shooters in the 2010 class, the Penn State-bound guard is beginning to demonstrate an ability to score off the dribble as well as spot up or come off screens. Both in transition and offensive sets she put the ball on the floor to create her own looks and, as always, shot the ball effectively. She had a tendency to take the ball laterally at times allowing the defender to recover, but attacking toward the rim and adding additional scoring opportunities should keep the Nittany Lions' fans on the edge of their seats, once she hits campus.

Super Sunday-Jan. 09: By now the name Maggie Lucas is well-known as the Penn State commit is perhaps the best long-range shooter in the nation. Confidence vigorously pours out with each shot the Germantown Academy guard takes and she knows her job on the court as well. She does a great job of squaring herself to the basket as she catches the basketball instead of catching and then turning. This enables her to pull the trigger on her jumper if the defense is even a fraction of a second late in getting a hand up. She analyzes the defender from top to bottom and then attacks. Follow her eyes and you can see she checks the defender's feet, distance from her and hand position. If those hands are down she does not hesitate in elevating, and, with her super-quick release, she can get the shot off against most defenders and even taller defenders. She is learning how to move without the ball too, as the word is out that she's a deadly shooter and she's seen box-and-one and various face-guarding schemes employed against her. The question is if 5-8 is too small to play shooting guard in the Big Ten? If she masters coming off of screens and setting defenders up, it won't matter with a release as quick as hers is.

Summer 08: Maggie Lucas, a 5-8 guard from Narberth, Pa., has a deadly combination of skills and instincts and a pure shooters touch. She reads the floor well for the Philadelphia Belles and makes smart decisions with and without the ball. Her fundamental skills allow her to make the difficult pass or put the ball on the floor against pressure, full and half court. And her shot -- well-- opponents better be there on the catch. With a quick release and textbook form, she is a constant and deadly perimeter threat with three point range. On top of all that, she hustles and scraps with the best of them. On defense or hitting the floor for the loose ball, she's aggressive and plays for keeps.


Club Team: Philly Belles