Amber Henson

Amber Henson


CLASS: 2011



  • Tampa, FLHometown
  • Sickles High School
  • 6-3Height
  • Weight
  • 20Overall Rank
  • 7Position Rank

ESPN Player Evaluations

USA U17 Trials-June 10: Lately there's been a tendency that's found some talented prospects stagnating in the growth of their game and the advancement of their skills. Henson, of Tampa, Fla., has recently seemed more comfortable taking what comes her way rather than going out and creating her own opportunities and taking command of the floor. The 6-3 Duke-bound forward showed signs of life and demonstrated the skills that make her one of the most difficult interior matchups in the 2011 class. Her play was active and aggressive at both ends of the floor and she was looking to put herself into the mix on every play. The perimeter touch and mid-range game she employs forces defenders to play her tight and follow her away from the rim. Down low she's rediscovered the attack in her game and manufactured quite a few trips to the line. At the defensive end of the floor, she's anticipating well off the ball and is quick to rotate on penetration. Henson is going after the ball on the glass and coming away with more than her share of boards but still gives up an offensive rebound or two by not making contact on the shot. (Lewis)

Boo Williams-April 10: All the size and potential are there to go along with the skills we've seen in the past. What's missing is that willingness to take over and dominate every game. It's there at times but there are others that you wouldn't know a player of this caliber is on the floor.

Nike Regional Skills Academy-April 09: Sibling rivalries are often the extra push needed to take players to the next level. Amber Henson has the luxury of having a brother, John, who's a high school All-American and UNC-signee. Amber has instincts far beyond a high school sophomore. On several occasions, despite being the tallest player on the court, she used several effective ball fakes to finish in traffic. Henson also uses the rim as a deterrent to any shot-blocker in the area. She feels for the defender once she receives the ball in the post and can finish with either hand. While she's 6-3, she has a great stroke from the perimeter with a nice, high release.

Boo Williams-April 09: Orlando Comets forward Amber Henson is blessed with a long, athletic basketball body. To call her a stud may be an understatement because she does so many things so well. For a 6-3 sophomore, her movement is very fluid and balanced. The former Texan, turned Floridian has polished footwork and can score with either hand in the post, but she also has a nice touch on her jumper from 10-to-15 feet. An explosive leaper, Henson rebounds with two hands at and above the rim. She is a superb shot blocker because she understands how to time the block in the shot path and avoid body contact with the shooter.

Nike Regional Skills Academy-May 08: A strong fluid forward with skills to score the ball inside and out. Her athleticism coupled with her size, she's 6-foot-3, make her a high major prospect but what's scary is her skill set at such an early age. She has good footwork, strong pivots, sees the floor, plays under control. Her range extends comfortably to 16 feet and with her sound form that range is likely to extend. She has a large wingspan and can get off the ground well making her a dynamic rebounder. Definitely one of the gems in the 2011 class. She has been slowed some because of knee soreness related to her growth called Osgood Slaughters. It typical in teenagers and goes away with time.

Spring 08: Amber Henson was another incredible youngster. At 6-3 she has a strong build and great leaping ability, which she utilizes to be a very good rebounder. Offensively she has a midrange game and even a little fall-away turn-around jumper in the post. Her shot-blocking timing was also impressive.


Club Team: Orlando Comets

Third team Parade All-American, 2010 ... Fourth team Parade All-American, 2009 ... Nike Regional Skills Academy, 2008 ... Moved from Round Rock, Texas, to Tampa, Fla., prior to her sophomore year.

Her brother, John Henson, was the No. 3 ranked player in the 2009 class and committed to UNC.