Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis

Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis


CLASS: 2011



  • Anaheim, CAHometown
  • Mater Dei High School
  • 6-0Height
  • Weight
  • 1Overall Rank
  • 1Position Rank
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ESPN Player Evaluations

Nike TOC-Dec. 10: The stroke and touch served her well in Chandler. Put on several shooting demonstrations in just a quarter or a half that most players only dream of. One of the most underrated aspects of her game is her wiliness to give the ball up for a teammates better look. There are not many situations that you can say she forced a shot or looked out for herself first. The maturity and consistency that has come to her game are the kind of things that a lot of college players struggle to find. She's proven that she can score inside and out and has added versatility to her production. Playing for Mater Dei it's a given that she can defend and she a presence on the boards. (Lewis)

FIBA U17-July 10: For perhaps the first time in her career, Mosqueda-Lewis didn't spend a majority of the game offensively dragging her defender through a slough of staggered and double screens. The post-focused offense didn't stop one of the best scorers in recent memory from showcasing her long-range shooting exploits, she converted 48.7 percent of her 39 threes. The team went with big lineups and she was playing out of position at the shooting guard spot most of the time. This left her defending some smaller, quicker opponents. What stood out about her defense was how she utilizes angles and incredibly quick hands to make up for any deficit in lateral quickness in the feet. This showed in the stat sheet as she was second on the team in steals. Defending the 3-pointer was probably the most notable area for improvement as the foreign competition is much more liberal in letting shots fly from long-range. (Hansen)

USA U17 Trials-June 10: The mark of a great player is often times defined on what you do when you are having one of those rare sub-par performances. Are you willing to take on the spot of "role player" to help your team win? Mosqueda-Lewis showed that her greatness wouldn't be just measured in her ability to be one of the country's premier shooters, but that "hustle plays" and "strong penetration" can also be counted on from the Connecticut pledge. With her jump shot flat as day-old milk, Lewis hit the offensive glass for putbacks and showed a burst to the basket rarely seen. She will need to improve in both these areas, as she showed during the trials that the patent "Lewis Launch" might not always be so automatic. (Powell)

Boo Williams-April 10: It's hard to imagine that UConn commit and ESPN HoopGurlz's No. 2 prospect Mosqueda-Lewis still is evolving but when she steps on the floor there's a lot more to contend with than her shooting. The 6-1 guard from Anaheim, Calif., is showing more attack to her game and a knack for creating looks for her teammates off the dribble. No, she's not ready to move to the point but her passing in the gaps of rotating defenses is sharp and well read and there's never been any hesitancy on her part to give it up. At the same time the confidence and consistency of her shot, from any range, continues to grow to extraordinary heights and challenge opposing defenses game in and game out. Physically she appears more fit than ever and may even have added some noticeable height to her frame. Sunday's championship game found her the focus of an aggressive Boo Williams defensive attack and the short end of the final score (she put up 38 points in the semifinal). Some rushing and frustration were evident in her game, but this is a reality with which she'll have to deal as she'll certainly continue to draw the compliment of opponents' defensive schemes designed just for her. Despite the result of the final, her play over the entire weekend should be cause for lively debate over the top spot in the 2011 class.

CIF State Final-March 10: It's not often you can prove you are the best player on the court by sitting most of the second half but that's exactly what Mosqueda-Lewis did. She blew up in the first half scoring and then was riddled with foul trouble most of the second half. With her on the bench Mater Dei managed just five third-quarter points. When reinserted into the game in the fourth quarter she ignited a much-needed run before fouling out of the game. Yes she led team in scoring and for a player at her level, and there aren't many, it is expected. But she was also the catalyst of the Mater Dei full court press, trapping the corners and showing the smarts enough not to reach for the ball but to tip passes.

Nike TOC-Dec. 09: If there's a better shooter on the high school level, or college for that matter, let her step forward. Not many have ever shown the range and consistency that she does and it may never have been more evident than in Phoenix. Her scoring came from long range, off the pull up and a bundle of lay ups off turnovers. What doesn't get enough attention is her willingness to give it up. Time and again she gave it up when her own look was just as good. The versatility she continues to add to her game is the kind of thing that will keep her knocking on the door of that top spot in the 2011 class. Miss Williams might want to look over her shoulder!

In the championship game -- The Monarchs depend on the scoring of Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis on a regular basis. The No. 2 ranked prospect in the 2011 class is easily the best shooter and scorer in the nation, regardless of class. The scoring was there again in the championship game, 27 points, shooting four of eight from 3-point range.

The 6-foot junior missed nearly four minutes at the end of the second quarter as Mater Dei coach Kevin Kiernan tried to keep her from getting her third personal foul. Mosqueda-Lewis's team missed her scoring but what was also evident is that they missed her defensively, perhaps even more. She did a fantastic job of denying Duke-bound Chelsea Gray the ball. Keeping the ball away from Gray took the engine away from the St. Mary's machine. While Mosqueda-Lewis is not the most athletic player on the floor, the Connecticut-bound wing has an extremely high basketball I.Q. and completely understood the concept of a full-denial defensive assignment. She was also one of the team's leading rebounders. When she left the game the St. Mary's offense got going with easy buckets and that really swung the tide of the game which, in the first half, was close to getting out of hand.

Mosqueda-Lewis also entertained with her scoring repertoire. As usual she shot the leather off the ball from long range and continued to show she can create shots off the dribble and convert with a hand in her face. She created those shots so efficiently against the Rams that she didn't go to the line as much as most players who score similar numbers. She definitely earned the tournament MVP award.

USA U16 Trials-May 09: Already considered one of the best shooters in the country, Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis came into the trials with perhaps the highest expectations. She is a player that thrives in more structured settings, so as the players got more comfortable with teammates and the plays being taught she became a bigger impact in the scrimmages. One thing is for sure, you don't go under a ball screen, if she's the ballhandler. Sunday morning was easily her best session where she added rebounding and passing to the expected shooting exploits.

Boo Williams-April 09: This weekend, Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis showed why she may be one of the purest shooters in the high school game today. The quick, smooth release on the California native's jump shot is picture perfect from the time it leaves her hand. Most impressive is the confidence that she possess in herself as a shooter, which is a rare commodity in a young player. With the game on the line in the championship game against Boo Williams, she knocked down a 3-pointer to tie the game like it was just another day in the gym. Her ability to shoot off the dribble -- sometimes with two defenders in her face -- is a college level skill. Watching the way she gelled with her brand new Tennessee Flight teammates and the leadership she displayed on the court, showed maturity way beyond her 15 years.

TOC Dec. 08 II: Her talent is scary enough, her age makes it even more intimidating. Her consistent and deep 3-point shooting forces entire defenses to adjust and that's just one aspect of her offensive arsenal. She is showing a more and more effective shot fake to create penetration which she is equally adept at making the most of. While she can put up the big numbers herself she's quick to distribute the ball and get the best look for her teammates as well. More impressive still is her defensive effort. A large majority of her scoring opportunities come in transition from turnovers forced by the Mater Dei pressure. The best is yet to come.

TOC Dec. 08 I: Mosqueda-Lewis followed in the footsteps of great high school players like Jacki Gemelos, Maya Moore, Tina Charles and Elena Delle Donne, by making the Tournament of Champions her coming out party. Through the first seven quarters of the tournament she scored 73 points. She sat the eighth quarter because her team was rolling. What was awesome about her play is that she scored every way imaginable and was quick to recognize a mismatch and even quicker to exploit it. She took smaller players to the block and punished them in the paint, she took taller players out on the perimeter. She also showed very good improvement in her ballhandling ability which has been one of the critique's of her becoming a big time wing player. No need to wait for her to become a big time wing, she's already there and still getting better.

Fall 08: Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis already is such an established star and leader on the mainstream club circuit, it's almost shocking to remember she's but a sophomore at Mater Dei High School in Santa Ana, Calif. She not only looks the part, but acts it, too, becoming more vocal and cutthroat competitive. The 6-footer also has grand designs, traveling all the way from the shadow of Disneyland to work on her game with the energizer-bunny clinician, Ganon Baker. Mosqueda-Lewis made the long flight worthwhile, leading her team to victory in the academy all-star game with 14 points. She and Kaneisha Horn looked up in some interesting duals over the weekend, each being able to score inside and out, but in such different ways. Many know Mosqueda-Lewis as one of the nation's great long-distance shooters, but she has background as a post and the body type to maintain her effectiveness around the glass, offering yet another bountiful source of offense.

Summer 08: Mosqueda-Lewis has become more than just a catch-and-shoot threat. Her super quick release is just as lethal off the dribble, something she has learned to punish defenders that overplay her with. Despite the stereotype, she is also an effective interior player who rebounds from a wing position as well as anyone and if isolated on the boxes she can score in countless ways. Defensively she is improving by leaps and bounds, using her head to adequately defend quicker players that used to cause so much anguish.

Nike Skills June 08: The youngest player participating in the skill academy, Kaleena Lewis, showed the continued advancement of her game is not slowing down. She took the floor with the maturity and confidence of the older athletes and proceeded to establish herself as the perimeter player to watch in the 2011 class. While not a clone of Katie Smith, she is from that mold and has the rare and special identity of a power guard. She has the stroke and range to force defenders to come out on her. At the same time she can put the ball on the floor and attack the rim. She's very active and the power aspect is already there. It's going to have an even greater impact when she becomes more explosive with her first step.

Nike Skills May 08: Mosqueda-Lewis is a beast -- in a good way. She may be the most lethal shooter in the country, and to top it off, she was one of the best post scorers in the camp. She has a strong upper body, and when she pivots, she uses her shoulders to protect the ball and she attacks the defender and the basket to make the shot. She scored inside against Talia Caldwell and Monique Oliver on more than one occasion, giving up a good four inches. She's not afraid of contact and is a handful offensively. Her shooting ability needs to be complemented with the ability to attack off the dribble. She isn't the quickest kid in the gym, so she'll need to transfer that skill of using her body to create space. April Sykes wasn't the quickest kid either, but by utilizing good body control, change of pace and direction along with her strength, she scored or set up a passing angle against just about anyone. She is as confident and talented as I've seen in a freshman and the confidence is definitely not misplaced -- she can flat out play.

Spring 08: She has to be an early favorite for one of the top spots in the Class of 2011. Playing up with West Coast Premier Black against the top U16 teams in the country, Lewis not only held her own, she was one of the best players on the court. She shot 3s, rebounded, scored inside and helped WCP into the final four.


Club Team: Tenn. Flight

USA Basketball U17 National Team, 2010 ... First-team Parade All-American, 2010 ... First-team all state, 2010 ... USA Basketball U16 National Team, 2009 ... Nike National Skills Academy, 2008-2009 ... Gatorade State Player of the Year, 2009 ...