Nicole Griffin


CLASS: 2010



  • Milwaukee, WIHometown
  • Vincent High School
  • 6-6Height
  • Weight
  • 80Overall Rank
  • 10Position Rank
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ESPN Player Evaluations

Fall 08: The first glimpse of Griffin almost always causes doubletakes: At 6-6, she is as slender as Auburn Tiger DeWanna Bonner, and smaller post players can use their lower centers of gravity to move her around. But if they underestimate her because of her lack of bulk, they are in for a surprise. Griffin is a competitor, has a great touch, moves well, blocks shots, passes and has enough athleticism to catch a three-quarter pass on the run and convert without a dribble. In addition, she's an excellent free-throw shooter, and better yet, converted when her team needed it the most.

Summer 08: One of the biggest surprises of the summer. Despite her slender build she held her own against one of the top 2009 posts, Cokie Reed. She showed a quick spin to the baseline and the length and touch to finish quickly out of the spin. She has a massive wing span and blocks more than her share of shots and she should get better at it if she can play against other top post players as blocking the unsuspecting guard from the weakside is impressive but shutting down opposing posts at the college level is immeasurable and she has that potential. She'll never be bulky because of her build but she isn't a push over and will build strength.


Club Team: Team Wisconsin Jr. Selects