Jasmine Robinson


CLASS: 2010



  • Memphis, TNHometown
  • Overton High School
  • 5-7Height
  • Weight
  • 65Overall Rank
  • 17Position Rank

ESPN Player Evaluations

Turkey Jamm-Nov. 09: If you%u2019re looking for intensity Alabama signee and the No. 65 Jasmine Robinson may just be what the doctor ordered. While most likely a point guard at the next level, the 5-8 standout from Overton High School played the off guard spot impressively at both ends. To say that she brings %u201Cattack%u201D to the court may be an understatement. She%u2019s effective at putting the ball on the floor and getting to the rim but also has the touch to knock down the long jumper or the pull up. With the ball in her hands she is constantly measuring her defender and looking for the best way to create. At the other end of the floor she%u2019s a tenacious on ball defender who can stay in front of most ballhandlers. She has active hands and has lateral quickness that eliminates most opponents%u2019 penetration. The strength in her game may also be her weakness as well. Her intensity and emotion often carry over from play to play and at times becomes an obstacle during difficult stretches.

Summer 08 II: Five-foot-eight combo guard Jasmine Robinson of the MSA Bobcats Gold showed a side to her game that will make future opponents flinch. She was still penetrating as she always does, but her willingness to distribute the ball and her sharp and snappy passes made her double the threat she usually is. When a player makes those around them better they take not just their game, but their team, to a new level. She's still improving, keep watching!

Summer 08 I:Jasmine Robinson of Memphis, Tenn. was punishing at the point against the camp's highest level of talent. Time and again she used her quickness and physical strength to penetrate the paint and force defensive rotations and mistakes. More often than not those drives resulted in her own looks, but the lid was on for a large number of them. It's obvious though that the 5-8 Memphis Lady Bobcats star has the skills and savvy to make big time plays against top notch opposition.


Club Team: Memphis Lady Bobcats Gold