Sheronne Vails


CLASS: 2010



  • Odenton, MDHometown
  • Arundel Senior High School
  • 6-4Height
  • Weight
  • 51Overall Rank
  • 5Position Rank

ESPN Player Evaluations

Midwest Showdown-May 09: The Fairfax Stars made it to the semifinals and a big part of its success was the play of 6-foot-4 forward Sherrone Vails. She is incredibly long and very nimble. She is at her best sprinting out in transition, but can also snatch a rebound off the rim, make the outlet or beat her post defender down the court regularly. Defensively, her length leads to a ton of blocked and altered shots. If she can learn to deal with the more physical post players, she will have to guard even if she's on the floor as a wing she will be a handful on the next level. If she does plan on playing the wing, she will need to expand her range as well. But even without those traits there are a lot of schools that would take her shot-blocking and speed, regardless.

Boo Williams-April 09: She definitely has the physical tools but doesn't have a go-to scoring move that most high level post players possess, doesn't like contact in the paint, has a nice face-up game and has nice range from 15-feet and beyond.

Summer 08: Sheronne Vails, a 6-4 forward with Fairfax Stars Elite is another member of the All-Possibilities team. Her long frame and tremendous wingspan give her some incredible weapons before you even add in any basketball skills. She looked for the ball on the block and posted actively. However, physical defenders were able to dislodge her from the low post and she got caught up in the "friendly" give and take. She has incredible mobility for her size and gets up and down the floor with the guards. When she does get the ball in scoring position she's able to finish and presents a real threat. Lots of potential will have them lining up at her door.


Club Team: Fairfax Stars Elite