Krystal Forthan

Krystal Forthan


CLASS: 2011



  • Georgetown, TXHometown
  • Georgetown High School
  • 6-4Height
  • Weight
  • 5Overall Rank
  • 2Position Rank

ESPN Player Evaluations

Texas UIL-March 11: When a player already ranked as one of the top five prospects in the country shows considerable improvement in any key skill area, it's a clear message the surface is just being scratched. Last spring we saw Krystal Forthan start knocking down long-range perimeter shots, but with her length the delivery was a little awkward. Well, this 6-foot-5 senior now showcases picture-perfect form on her shot, not even a trace of her guide hand manipulating the shot can be found. And in case this is the first time you're reading about Forthan, she is an intimidating athlete who can attack from a face-up or get the ball down low and score with power post moves, the latter we'd like to see even more of. Remember, she's just scratching the surface. (Hansen)

Forthan is a bigtime scorer playing the face up 4 position. Her jumper is much improved, smooth coming out of her hand out to 22 feet. Can handle in the open floor. A lot of Lamar Odom like qualities to her game. Floats mentally at times like Amber Harris (Univ. of Xavier) did in high school. Physically dominant when she feels like it. Wants to shoot the 3, midrange. Doesn't attack the rim as much as she should (Clay)

USJN DC-July 10: ESPN The Magazine annually publishes an issue that is simply titled NEXT, as in the next great prodigy in a given sport. Forthan could easily be gracing the cover of such an issue in the not-too-distance future as a long and rangy athlete, whose length and reach is unmatched in the high school arena. During one of our viewings throughout the event we took note of her ability to dominate the game without scoring a bucket. She commanded so much attention on the offensive end that her opponent forgot to guard her teammates, who proceeded to make open shots and get offensive rebounds. That type of attention to one player is what causes her to be an elite prospect in this class and a future cover story. Just as much as we saw the attention on her in game one, we notice the lack of effort on her part in game two. The 6-4 forward must find ways to motivate herself as the game, and the dominance of it, seems to come to easy.

Boo Williams-April 10: There's a new era in post play in women's basketball and the premium, thanks to Brittney Griner, is going to be on aggressive and explosive players who can play at new heights. While Forthan's listed 6-4 height may be a stretch on paper, on the court it seems to be understated. Her address and teams may have changed a couple of times over the past year, but the reality of her play and potential has remained the same. She's played at the rim for a couple of years now but her knowledge of where and when to use her physical gifts seems to be evolving into a much more reliable weapon. There's still refinement to be done with her skills to capitalize on the heights she can play at but few have the tools to join her up there defensively. While the Georgetown, Texas, resident may have slipped several spots to number 12 in the most recent ESPN HoopGurlz Super 60, her play this weekend may have added some "lift" to her standing.

adidas Spring Classic-April 09: Krystal Forthan might be the best athlete in the country. The Oregonian is 6-4 and plays the game above the rim. She poses so many matchup problems opposing coaches probably lose sleep. She has yet to really push herself to be as great as she could be, but she's just a sophomore. She is shooting the 3-ball now and though her form ends with a relatively low release and trajectory, she makes a decent amount of those shots. She is a handful attacking the rim, especially from the high post and she can finish off-balance shots, sometimes at a higher percentage than shots when she is squared up.

TOC Dec. 08 II: Must have been first in line when they handed out all the tools to be an impact interior player. She's got the size, the athleticism and some intangibles that set her apart from most prospects. Those hard to find qualities are timing, hands and instincts. Athletically she can run with the guards, leap with anyone in the gym and displayed some impressive physical play. Along with her height and build she also is blessed with a wingspan the width of the lane. Combine that with her vertical and uncanny anticipation and you've got a coaches defensive dream. She'll need to put the time into her perimeter shot to become more of a threat from the elbows and in the short middle. Her success is up to her and her willingness to pay a price and make the most of her gifts.

TOC Dec. 08 I: Jefferson (Portland, Ore.) post Krystal Forthan is one of those players who has all the tools. Standing 6-4 with an even more impressive reach, she has the physical size to play with an impact at any level. Add to that exceptional athleticism that allows her to run with the guards and the leaping ability of an Olympic high jumper and you're talking about something special. Even more imposing for opponents is the fact that she's only a sophomore and just scratching the surface of what to do with all that ability. There are some who may still categorize her game as somewhat "raw" but there's a very smooth edge to her game that says she's just young and developing. Forthan also possess three intangibles that are hard to find in young prospects; she has instincts, timing, and most of all -- great hands. While she is effective around the rim, her shooting fundamentals still need refinement to give her more options in the paint and at the elbow. She already has good vision and is an adept at kicking the ball out to open teammates. At the other end her help side defense is daunting and her anticipation skills have her getting a hand on opponent's shots and passes. With the right commitment on her part she can take her game to any level she might want.

Spring 08: Krystal Forthan continued showing she may be the most versatile athlete in the class. At 6-4, Forthan possesses incredible length and the ability to attack the basket. She is successful on her athleticism alone right now and with skill development she could be scary good. Her position isn't clear but her natural gifts make her a player who must be on the floor regardless. She is in her element snatching a rebound off the rim, finding a guard and sprinting out on the break. In transition she seems impossible to defend.


Club Team: TeamXpress Black

Moved from Oregon to Texas in August of 2009.

Recruiting Update: as of Sept. 6, 2010, her list includes UNC, UCLA, USC, Texas A&M, Kansas, LSU, and Utah.