Antoinette Bannister


CLASS: 2012



  • Jacksonville, FLHometown
  • Potters House ChristianHigh School
  • 5-10Height
  • Weight
  • 59Overall Rank
  • 23Position Rank
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ESPN Player Evaluations

Deep South Classic-April 11: College body, tenacious attacking shooting guard, nice 3-point stroke, clutch scorer, plays extremely hard at both ends. Natural leader. (Beverly)

Nike Regional Skills-May 09: For a lot of kids, a ton of success early leads to complacancy but not with Bannister. She continues to get better and with athletes of her caliber she showed well at the academy. She was one of the players getting into the gym early to get extra work in and breaking a sweat. She shot the ball well at times and was off at times, yet her consistent form suggests she will continue being a dependable shooter from long range.

Turkey Jamm-Nov. 09: This is one of those tremendous offensive threats lining up with Stringfield. The 5-10 Potter's House guard may have the longest range of any shooter at the high school level this season. A few of her attempts would qualify as four pointers and she has the touch that demands that she's picked up at halfcourt. Additionally, her individual skills allow her to create off the dribble and get to the rim or drop in the short pull up. She appears and Dad (also her coach) confirms that she's more fit and has leaned out a bit making her more agile and effective in the transition game. She and her teammates struggled with decision making and turnovers against Memphis Central but then the Warrior's defense may well have had a hand in that.

Showtime Nationals-July 09: She finishes with contact and hits the deep 3-pointer. A player that attacks the basket both left and right.

Nike Regional Skills Academy-April 09: Already possessing one of the deadliest shooting touches in the South, Antoinette Bannister showed signs of a developing floor game. She ran the show from the point position and created plenty of scoring opportunities for her teammates. A good ballhandler with a strong frame, Bannister has some very nice offensive skills. She'll need to find a way to use her strength defensively because she struggled at time against quicker offensive players.

Kennedy Classic-Jan. 09: Having coached his son, T.J., to a career at Virginia, Potter's House coach Tony Bannister seems a cinch to get his daughter, Antoinette Bannister at least as far. Just a freshman at the Jacksonville, Fla., school, she is 5-10 with great size without a sacrifice in quickness. More of a backcourt or wing scorer, Bannister is strong on top of the ball, with a nice variation of dribble moves, and can shoot the three without the slightest strain. She also plays with a coach's daughter type of abandon, which, in the second game we saw her, earned Bannister a trip to the emergency room. Chasing down a run-out, she flipped over the ballhandler and landed hard on a nerve. Bannister did not need such spectaculars to show she had plenty -- nerve, that is.

Braggin' Rights-Jan. 09: Lots of offensive skills and instincts. She can creste one on one and get to the rim in traffic. At the same time, to say she has range is a gross understatement. If it's inside half court, it might be going up. Being both a shooter and a scorer makes her a difficult match up for opponents. Her build is solid and a bit thicker but she moves well and gets up and down the floor. She defends aggressively and she better-Dad's the coach!


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