Xylina McDaniel

Xylina McDaniel


CLASS: 2012



  • Blythewood, SCHometown
  • Spring Valley High School
  • 6-2Height
  • Weight
  • 26Overall Rank
  • 6Position Rank

ESPN Player Evaluations

Deep South Classic-April 11: Like her teammates, not her best showing. Looks to be doing more off the dribble and working more in the high post and on the perimeter rather than down low. Didn't see the power game that has defined her play in the past. Her play wasn't poor but it wasn't what it has been in previous events. (Lewis)

S.C. Final Four-Feb. 11: McDaniel is an intriguing post prospect. Lacks consistent skill, jumper is erratic. Righty, finishes around the rim. Worker, grinder in the lane. Hi-lo type of 4/5. Has to be consistent at the free-throw line with her jumper. Always around the ball. Rebounds, defends. (Clay)

USJN DC-July 10: Attacking, power, aggressive, relentless, if it has something to do with some type of attack, odds are McDaniel has embraced it. Not many players fully appreciate the value in playing such a physical game but she's taking it to another level. Combine that with her strength and athleticism and you have the match up that no opponent wants to line up against. She finished more consistently inside and found her way to the line more often than in the past. She's a demon on the boards and almost smiles when things get physical on defense. Diversity in her offensive repertoire will give her a more complete game. (Lewis)

USA U17 Trials-June 10: The new power forward of today's game is exactly what you get with McDaniel. She is physical in the paint and a little contact seems to make her that much better. She can sprint the floor with the wings and her effort is a constant. She's not used to being overpowered or outsized but in this setting she wasn't the biggest or baddest yet she competed with those who were. She uses her body defensively very well for her age and gave some post players known for scoring fits, even without blocking shots. Learning to slow down and see the help defense would help her tremendously in the half court but it's hard to fault a player that plays as hard as the X-Woman does. (Hansen)

Midwest Showdown-May 10: The South Carolina 76ers made it to the finals of the Marques Jackson Elite Division behind the play of 2012 standouts Khadijah Sessions, Asia Dozier and Xylina McDaniel. The 6-2 McDaniel brings to the table all the characteristics you could ever look for in a power forward. Physically she has the size, build and explosiveness to mix it up with virtually anybody she takes the floor against. Going one step further, she has the willingness to use all those tools enthusiastically. What stands out most is the quickness of her attack. Whether from the high post or down on the block, she reads and goes without hesitation. Her first step on the drive covers a large amount of space and her spin off defenders down low leaves them sealed on her back. She'll need some consistency from her elbow jumper down the road to keep defenders honest. She's there in transition and crashes the boards with a vengeance. Defensively she can put a body on bigger players down low or she can move her feet with quicker, leaner slashers. (Lewis)


Club Team: SC Lady Sixers