Chanise Jenkins

Chanise Jenkins

Point Guard

CLASS: 2011



  • Chicago, ILHometown
  • Whitney Young High School
  • 5-4Height
  • Weight
  • 64Overall Rank
  • 14Position Rank
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ESPN Player Evaluations

Midwest Showdown-May 09: Chicago's Chanise Jenkins is a clutch player. She has every shot imaginable in her arsenal and her confidence has grown so much through the high school season that she will take any of those shots, if her team needs it. She has blinding speed with the ball and somehow is able to change directions at full speed. She can get past almost any defender in a one-on-one situation and is usually quicker than the first level of help as well. However, she could improve her ability to get quality shots up over the second level of help, which is usually a post she's giving up nearly a foot in height to. She can really heat up from long range and even if she's not shooting the ball well early in the game she always seems to come through in clutch situations, as she did for Whitney Young this past winter.

Nike Regional Skills-May 09: Whitney Young point guard Chanise Jenkins has already played in some big games in her early high school career and her confidence is growing, seemingly by each rep and each possession. Despite being just a shade over 5-4, she plays a big role as a playmaker. She is about as elusive as they come and can go by just about any on-ball defender and often beat the first line of help defense as well. However, she gets in to trouble when the defense completely collapses on her and bigger bodies swarm her in the lane. She has great balance in the air and can often avoid the defenders with some slippery moves to create shots for herself or her teammates. The Chicago native can change directions at any speed and in rapid succession. She is a feisty defender as well, but just like many point guards in the mighty mouse class, she is susceptible to being isolated in the paint by bigger guards.


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