Chandler Cooper

Chandler Cooper


CLASS: 2012



  • Adams, TNHometown
  • Clarksville High School
  • 5-11Height
  • Weight
  • 51Overall Rank
  • 19Position Rank

ESPN Player Evaluations

PBR Super 64-July 2011: Cooper continues to hold her status as one of the premier shooters in the class but also demonstrated when things go cold she can offer up more. The ballhandling has advanced and is allowing her to get to the rim more effectively as well as improve and create passing angles. She sees and reads the floor well but occasionally is quick to take a shot that can be had later in the possession. On the break she gets out wide and makes herself an option early. Defensively she has the length to challenge passes and contain some smaller and quicker match ups. (Lewis)

Boo Williams Nike Invitational - April '11: Maybe the true measure of any shooter is not just the number of shots she makes. It also should take into account the severity of her misses. If you accept that premise, then the rising, shooting star of the 2012 class was revealed during the spring evaluation period. Chandler Cooper not only makes a lot of long-distance strokes, when she misses, it's never by much. Such a pattern is a reflection of consistency -- of form, setup and focus. She has all of those, as well as an impressive ability to find her balance, even when errant passes chase her out of her spots. Cooper also has a shooter's savvy, getting open off contact and separation, prepping cuts off screens and shaping up into passing lanes when the ball is in the post. The Tennessee Flight's inside might and depth of perimeter options guarantees Cooper a number of shot opportunities every game. College coaches may want to see the kind of shot-creating abilities that her team's offensive schemes don't allow to be showcased. However, consider that, two years ago, Cooper was four inches shorter and a point guard. The four inches have translated into better shooting leverage and, if the ballhandling skills are merely latent, then the potential for shot creation remains. That length, as well as quick, searching hands, and an abundance of desire, also is put to good use at the defensive end. (Nelson)

Wildcat Classic-May '10: These days it seems to be getting harder and harder to find the players that you could confidently call shooters. Oh, there are plenty of scorers out there, but the ones who can flat out stroke it are hard to come by. Chandler Cooper of the Drake Reed Basketball Club pretty much makes it easy to find her. The 5-9 guard may not quite be automatic but any coach would love the odds when she puts up a jumper. The shot tends to start just under her chin but once she gets it up her stoke is fluid and natural with a complete follow through. What makes Cooper even tougher to defend is how active she is without the ball. She cuts hard and reads well off screens, creating a lot of opportunities. She'll need to add more scoring options to keep defenders honest, but the range and the touch she has right now aren't a bad place to start. (Lewis)


Club Team: Tennessee Flight Silver

Tip Sheet and Extended Evaluation Mentions:
•  Extended Evaluation - May 2011

Also considering: Notre Dame, Purdue, UNC-Wilmington