Samantha Clark


CLASS: 2012



  • Neptune, NJHometown
  • St. Rose High School
  • 6-2Height
  • Weight
  • Overall Rank
  • 20Position Rank
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ESPN Player Evaluations

Blue Chip Center Court Challenge - April '11: Let%u2019s be clear: Clark likely is the slingingest post or forward in this class, whether on the trail or setting up beyond the arc in a halfcourt setting. Teams at the high-school and club level sometimes try to use speed to pressure her on the perimeter, but she plays with great confidence and composure. Clark is a more-than-competent passer, which gives her something to play off her shot, and dribbles well enough to act as a pressure outlet. In this event, she also revealed some eye-opening inside skills, performing things you%u2019d spend a lot of years trying to teach posts -- squeezing and shielding a rebound with her body, for example, or walking a fronting defender up the lane to create space for a lob. This kind of stuff, if dispensed with greater frequency, especially against elite-level opposition, will help dispel the notion of Clark as a finesse %u201Cbig%u201D who simply frequents the outer limits, and significantly increase her stock in a high-demand atmosphere for post and forward prospects. (Nelson)

Mecca HS Shootout - NYC - Feb '11: Size always being at a premium, teams always will find use for a 6-3 forward, even though they may long for her to be a little more post-like. Clark has size and, though not a burner, is mobile and agile enough. She makes very good decisions with the ball and has comfortable range from 18 feet to beyond the 3-point line. On the other hand, Potter's House mostly defended her with a guard. If she tried to exploit the mismatch, they unleashed others in double- and triple-teams. To prevent the same from happening, over and over again, and therefore neutralizing whatever other benefits she brings, Clark will have to develop some comfort level in the painted area. (Nelson)

USJN DC-July 10: Versatile forward. Didn't play quite as well as she did at Penn State but still exhibited the potential to be an effective forward at the next level. Has both perimeter skills and instincts that should serve her well down the line. Can create to a degree off the dribble and has a decent stroke. Defends aggressively and hard but footspeed might be a question mark. (Lewis)

USA Invitational-July 2010: This 6-3 forward from Neptune, N.J., had the attention of a lot of the coaches courtside. The combination of her size and skills make her commodity among recruiters and give her the potential to play at the highest level. Though she has the height and strength to post up effectively, she can step out on the perimeter and operate just as efficiently. Her play is smart and fundamental and she there's no hesitancy to accept any role. She can finish in the paint or knock down the perimeter look as well as put it on the floor to improve a pass or shot. Defensively she'll use her body but does get caught behind at times and ends up defending after the catch. Her play on the boards is strong and she can run the floor. Keep watching, there's even better coming from her. (Lewis)


Club Team: Central Jersey Hawks

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