Ali Forde


CLASS: 2012



  • Woodinville, WAHometown
  • Woodinville High School
  • 6-1Height
  • Weight
  • Overall Rank
  • 43Position Rank
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ESPN Player Evaluations

Winter-Dec. 10: Sometimes the expectations change once you've established yourself as a prospect so with that comes more critiques. In Forde's case the ability isn't the question, but consistency is. At the high school level she is more powerful than anyone she will face in the state. With that knowledge and having seen her compete with some of the better prospects in the country it is frustrating to see her wait to assert herself until it's late in the game and her team is in trouble, as was the case when Issaquah came to Woodinville's gym. When she gets the ball one-on-one she is more than capable of scoring in the post. She's going to garner a lot of double teams so working before the catch more consistently is really the next step for her. Working for angles and sealing so she can convert quickly before the double can react are things that are out there for her. She is a very good rebounder with good leaping ability and even with her solid frame she can outrun a lot of interior players in transition. (Hansen)

AZ Elite Spring Classic-April 10: Ali Forde is a physical player who can hurt you from either the low block or the elbow. Most of her offense, however came from paint this weekend.. She uses both feet well to pivot, allowing her to power baseline or open pivot against a defender. She's built well, and uses her strong 6-1 frame to compete on every play. She will continue to learn to compete and occupy her defnese on each offensive possessionm even when the offesnse isnt going throw her. (Howe)

Winter-Feb. 10: Embodies power forward. As a sophomore she is almost always the strongest physically on the court. Most of her offense at this stage comes from five feet and in. She has a step-through and a drop step and she finishes through contact extremely well. She has very good athleticism though she isn't a sprinter. She will not enjoy an overwhelming strength advantage at the next level though her willingness to mix it up will translate well. She needs to develop her footwork. She uses her body well to post strong on the ball side but needs to learn how to move away from the ball, be patient and flash to open spots in the post. She put the ball on the floor some, showing the ability to play from the high post. She never shot from the elbows but that will have to become a consistent part of her game. Defensively she uses her strength well on the initial position but needs to continue to develop her lateral quickness to defend after the catch. She has the physical tools to play major conference ball if she puts the time in.


Club Team: Northwest Blazers