Aaliyah Whiteside


CLASS: 2012



  • Memphis, TNHometown
  • Memphis Central High School
  • 5-11Height
  • Weight
  • 24Overall Rank
  • 4Position Rank

ESPN Player Evaluations

EBA All American Camp-Sept. 11: A Sunday-only participant, Whiteside came in and showed her versatility. She seemed at home swinging between the wing and the tradition forward position and used her length and quick leaping ability to be a force on the glass. She gets out in transition with the guards and bother shots inside, again versatility. Her finishing wasn't as polished as we've seen in the past, but in Fall ball this is sometimes the norm. Overall a very good effort for Whiteside. (Hansen)

Nike TOC-Dec. 10: One of the first thing you notice about Whiteside is her steady, mono-emotional play. Good play or bad play she appears to maintain her composure and her focus. Her game itself is evolving as she's becoming more and more of a perimeter threat that can create off the dribble. The pull up isn't a guarantee yet but it's coming and her ability to navigate traffic around the rim gets her some easy looks. Defensively she's willing and capable on ball and does a great job of anticipating on the weakside. The rough edges are getting smoother and smoother and potential is becoming a reality. (Lewis)

Basketball on the Bayou July '10: Whiteside immediately commands attention with her fluid athleticism; she moves around the court so effortlessly, like a hovercraft. Having sprung to 6-1, she also now enters the realm of being cast as a forward. Though she has the height and game components, she lacks the girth for heavy lifting and, as she has been on the lean side for some time, it's likely not reasonable to expect a lot of change there. But she has a very live body, a long and rocket-powered first step, good handles and just explodes off the floor. Because of her body type, Whiteside is slithery with her penetration and can be a factor on the offensive glass with her energy and leaping ability. If she further developed a clean mid-range game she certainly could be paired at the wing position with, say, an inside-outside forward. (Nelson)

Nike TOC-Dec. 09: Aailyay is long, lean, and a lefty. All of which set her apart from the pack. A thin yet effective slasher, she is reminiscent of an early Eddie Jones of the Los Angeles Lakers. Although she has a whole arsenal of weapons on the offensive end, I like her most for her tenacious defense. She will press up and get into her man with the same intensity she brings to the offensive end.

Turkey Jamm-Nov. 09:Aaliyah Whiteside is one of those rare players who have the ability to take over a game for a series of possessions. There were points both nights that it seemed that she was dominating the game in stretches of two and three possessions at a time. The 5-10 guard flys up and down the court with and without the ball and forces defenders to know where she's at every moment of the game. In the halfcourt the left hander slashes to the rim for the lay up or pulls up with a very effective short game. The consistency of her perimeter shot will be critical in allowing her to continue to attack off the dribble. Defensively her long lean build makes her a problematic defender for opposing guards to face.

Nike Regional Skills Academy-April 09: Memphis Central's Aaliyah Whiteside may be slender in build, but her potential and upside are anything but slim. This left-handed guard showed signs of being a future star with an array of one-on-one moves. It appears that she has room to grow physically, both in height and weight, and her game extends from adequate perimeter jumpers to solid on-ball defense. Continued growth, both in game and stature, could elevate Whiteside to national recognition.


Club Team: Team Memphis Elite

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