Linnae Harper

Linnae Harper


CLASS: 2013



  • Chicago, ILHometown
  • Whitney Young High School
  • 5-6Height
  • Weight
  • 5Overall Rank
  • 2Position Rank
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ESPN Player Evaluations

USA U16 Trials-May 11: Harper was a warrior throughout trials and basically played so hard and made so many plays that the committee couldn't leave her off the team. She doesn't have a true position but she does so many things that it doesn't matter. Getting her reps on the perimeter will really unlock her game. She plays the four so well at the high-school level but with all the length in the international game as well as with the best college teams, the more she polishes her perimeter game the more effective she'll be at the next level. (Hansen)

She is a phyiscally punishing basketball player on both ends of the floor. Regardless of the position she is playing, she is one of the toughest competitors in the class. (Bodine)

Deep South Classic-April 11: Goes strong to hole, attacking guard finishes in traffic, excellent rebounding guard, good on ball defender, nice mid-range jumper. (Beverly)

Lefty. Best rebounding guard I've seen pound for pound. Strong finisher around the rim and has a solid mid-range game. Quick first step with solid handles. Impressive upper body strength and can find the holes to penetrate. All purpose player. (Gray)

adidas Jamboree-Oct. 10:Not Harper's best outing. The showcase setup seemed to leave the super sophomore a little disinterested. She still showed flashes of the breakdown offensive weapon she can be but to be at the top of this class she needs to battle regardless of the competition. It is still impressive how a player her height can work the offensive glass. (Hansen)

Fila Nationals-July 10: For those looking for the best value of high-octane entertaining basketball, look no further than the Lady Fire -- a collection of speedy guards who defend you from the parking lot to the locker room. While it's almost impossible to pinpoint which is the standout, we would like to discuss the abilities of Harper. Blessed with a strong frame and versatility rarely seen in a 5-7 frame, she has the ability to initiate the offense from the point and finish the play posting up a 6-2 forward for the score and draw the foul. (Powell)

Run For Roses-July 10: Physically mature and tough%u2026can handle the ball and create off the dribble. She is smart on the floor and communicates well with her teammates. (Bodine)

Braggin' Rights-Dec. 09: Struggled a little bit this event but still showed why she's one of the premier young guards nationwide. Though her shot was off, she created off the dribble and got into the paint on multiple occasions. Her willingness to take a backseat when teammates where having better nights was actually a plus and a sign that she has good basketball concepts. An aggressive defender, she combined with ultra quick backcourt mates to create turnover after turnover in both games.

Chicago-Oct. 09: Nothing about Linnae Harper suggests that she's just entered high school. The maturity that is in her play usually doesn't come until well down the road and it's scary to think what level the 5-7 Lady Fire point guard might take her game to. Her play at both ends of the floor is aggressive and strong. The mentality that she plays with is to attack whether it be with the ball in her hands or getting a stop defensively. She creates both her own looks and passes off the dribble and isn't hesitant to give it up when defenders rotate. Defensively she can turn a ballhandler several times in the backcourt and her instincts in closing traps leads to touches and steals again and again. Harper will be in any conversation about the top players in the 2013 class.

Midwest Showdown-May 09: Linnae Harper doesn't play like a junior high kid. The hyper-quick guard steps on the floor prepared for battle and goes at her older counterparts as if she knows she belongs. For her age she has a strong body and she uses it in attacking the hips of the defender. She goes to the cup strong on dribble drives but didn't get a chance to show too much perimeter shooting which will take her game up another notch.


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Club Team: Illinois Lady Fire