The things a hockey star can't live without

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Little Falls (Little Falls, Minn.) senior boys' hockey player Ben Hanowski enters the season fifth all-time on the career state scoring list and has led his team to three consecutive state tournament appearances. He recently skated by to give us the top five things he couldn't live without.

1. Hockey equipment
"It's just a huge part of my life. It's all I've been doing for the last 14 years."

2. Parents
"They've done everything for me. They got me involved in hockey, they drove me to games and practices and paid for all the equipment."

3. Xbox 360
"I just love to play video games. I play all the time."

4. Teammates
"We're a tight-knit group of guys. The high school season wouldn't be as fun without them."

5. Junk food
"I have a big sweet tooth. I should probably back off a little, but I just love cookies and brownies."